Out of the Occult Into the Light A Real Life Christian Missionary’s Story of Deliverance and Hope

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A story of deliverance from demonic oppression to a life of service to God, join Susannah as she walks a path fraught with danger as she discovers that God has a plan for everyone of His children.

• Called as a child

• Interference

• Slip-sliding away

• Into the shadows

• Instantaneously set free

• Sanctified by the believing wife

• A crooked path

• Russian invasion

• Out to the edge

• Wounded but not defeated

• All quiet on the home front

• What now, Lord?

• Meeting the new mission field

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About the Author

Susannah Wollman is the wife and best friend of Jeffrey Wollman, for whom she is “an help meet for him” (Genesis 2:18). Gifted by God as a teacher, she has used it to bless her own five children, uncounted orphans, teachers and students as they sought to know how to teach from a Christian foundation. A former missionary to Russia and Ukraine, she now lives in Lewisville, Texas, where she ministers to her family, her church, and the Chin people who populate her neighborhood. She and Jeff are deeply involved in the Jewish Messianic movement at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas.