America’s Greatest Moments in Sports Legendary Feats of Strength, Endurance, and Will

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Your first kiss. The birth of a child. Your first big job. These indelible memories shape our identity. Great sports moments do that too.

Join one of America’s most prolific sports history writers and relive 15 spectacular sports moments that transfixed and inspired a nation.

David L. Hudson, Jr. is the author of over 40 books, an award-winning professor, and a judge for professional boxing events. In this audio series, he explores unforgettable sports moments spanning football, baseball, golf, basketball, tennis, soccer and more.

You’ll sit ringside as Muhammad Ali employs the “rope-a-dope” strategy to upset George Foreman in Zaire and cheer as Secretariat wins the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes by an astounding 31 lengths. You’ll gasp as Reggie Jackson leads the Yankees to the World Series Championship with three home runs and marvel as Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points in a single NBA game.

You’ll also take in moments of triumph whose significance transcends the realm of sports, such as Jesse Owens’ victory at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, which shattered Adolph Hitler’s noxious myth of Aryan superiority.

Hudson will reanimate your favorite moments in sports history and shed new light on the men and women who achieved them.

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