Short Story Press Presents Kidnapped Writer

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Short Story Press Presents Kidnapped Writer by Eve Gaal

Kidnapped Writer is about our melting pot here in America. The main character is Viola and she’s having a horrible day. In fact, it is absolutely the worst day of her life. After years at her newspaper job as a writer, they’ve cut back on everything and put her into the advertising department. On her way out of town for the weekend, she gets kidnapped by a strange family needing her help. Outraged, Viola finds herself held captive by a very old woman in a dingy Italian restaurant. As the grandmother reveals the startling story about her family, Viola quickly forgets her own troubles. The dilemma is that things have changed and even if she wanted to help, it might not be possible. Sympathizing with her kidnappers doesn’t exactly solve her problems. Or does it?