The End is Where We Begin

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Jay Lewis is a troubled soul. A single father, just trying to keep everything together, he knows he sabotages any real chance of happiness. Tormented by nightmares and flashbacks, he can’t forget the events from one fateful night that steered the course of the rest of his life. Struggling against the crushing weight of guilt, Jay knows there are wrongs he needs to put right. Determined to get closure, he seeks out old friends and a past love. But in his quest for a more peaceful future, is he ready to face the trauma of his past?

Praise for the author: “A delicious confection. A tender fable about love and the power of the imagination to both sustain and heal us” LAURA HARRINGTON

“A beautifully quirky gem of a novel” LAISSEZ FAIRE

“...a heartwarming story about love and the reasons why it's sometimes easier and kinder to tell lies rather than the truth... simply enchanting” BOOKISH MAGPIE

“[A] quirky and touching tale” WOMAN'S WEEKLY


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