The Story of Rich A Financial Fable of Wealth and Reason During Uncertain Times

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Joyce explains financial planning and investing through a fable. Fifty-eight-year-old Richard Viva of Houston sells his oilfield services businesses to a competitor and clears $12 million on the deal. Rich is proud of his success and excited about his newfound freedom. But he's also confused about what to do next. For three decades, Rich has dedicated himself to building his company. His work was the core of his self-identity. Now that he has cashed out, Rich wants to make sure he doesn't squander his hard-earned money and that he can leave a legacy for his wife Peg and their two grown children. He knows he needs to revisit his financial plan, but he no longer has the trusted advice of his long-time friend and adviser, who had passed away a few months earlier. Rich makes an appointment at the firm, where he meets with another adviser to discuss basic financial investment advice for Rich to consider. Joyce is there to walk him and others in the fable through their financial planning and investment challenges.