Hattie Brown versus The Cloud Snatchers

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The day Hattie Brown got pulled through the fridge was the same day everything started to disappear from the house. And Hattie wasn't the only one to notice...
When Hattie Brown is pulled into a new world, she has no idea why. And not everyone in this 'Somewhere-Nowhere' world is welcoming. Guards want to arrest her because she's there without a permit. Sir Gideon, a dragon, want to see Hattie go so he doesn't get blamed for her sudden appearance. And even Victor, the elephant who brought her there in the first place, wants to send her back one moment and keep her there the next. To top it all off, everyone around her seems to be looking for someone important - someone called 'Nimbus.' Could Hattie be this mysterious Nimbus? After all, strange things are happening, and Hattie suddenly has a knack for making it rain. But when Hattie discovers that there's an army of kidnapped children in the new world, she doesn’t care who they think she is, or if they want her there or not: nothing is going to stop her rescuing those children.


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