Mary's Examination: A Submissive Freshman and the Dirty Dean Who Takes Over for the Campus Doc

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Mary's Examination: A Submissive Freshman and the Dirty Dean Who Takes Over for the Campus Doc: An ENF Story of Humiliation and Innocence. Innocence and embarrassment to the hilt!
Welcome to JC Cumming's newest and naughtiest series: “Innocent College Girls Humiliated”! In this sleazy set, one sweet, naïve young lady after another is taken to the outer limits of embarrassment by unscrupulous males, young and old alike. Men who happen to think that, ahem, red cheeks look kinda lovely on a girl--especially if they themselves have a hand in making them that way!

In this steamy story, eighteen-year-old Mary Meekins is about to start her freshman year at Brighton College. All she has to do is meet with the dean, Steve Alexander, then have a physical, and she’s good to go.

No, no, no! Not good! Mary happens to be a very modest and shy girl. As a result, she hates physicals—they embarrass her to her wit’s end. And the thought of being examined right at school makes it that much more unnerving. After all, what if she is asked to…undress?

Well, if sweet, innocent Mary thinks that being examined at school is the worst of her concerns, she’s got another thing coming!

Dean Anderson happens to be quite smitten with Mary’s incredible body, beautiful face, and sweet nature. So, after meeting with Mary and leading her to the exam room, he secretly calls the campus doctor and tells him to stay away.

Then, he returns to the exam room and informs her that, since the doctor is “unavailable,” he will do the exam himself!

And, yes, Mary, everything needs to come off!

And, oh, poor Mary is about to find herself undergoing the most humiliating, degrading medical exam she ever could have imagined! Dean Anderson is not about to let this be a quick, cursory checkup. He’s going to take this medical charade all the way.

And if he’s lucky, it won’t end there!

Fans of ENF, CMNF tales of innocent, shivering, young females experiencing the epitome of medical humiliation, this one’s for you! Your prescription: Peek in on Mary’s first all-the-way exam and see for yourself what Dean Anderson is so excited about. Get your steamy copy today!