Spring Shoots on Sunflower Street and Summer Days on Sunflower Street Sunflower Street Series Book 1 and 2

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The Sunflower Street series is a new heartwarming romance series from Rachel Griffiths, the author of The Cosy Cottage Café series. This audiobook collects the first two books in the bestselling series!

Spring Shoots on Sunflower Street:
Lila Edwards keeps to herself. Jilted on her wedding day by her fiancé, she has little interest in looking for love again. She spends most of her time hiding away in her cosy cottage, snuggling on the sofa with her two cats and trying to find the energy to invest in her online craft business.

Widower Ethan Morris has been drifting from job to job since he lost his wife, unable to commit to anything for long. He's returned to Sunflower Street to stay with his ailing mother and is secretly glad to have an excuse to go home. His mother suggests that he puts his manual skills to good use by starting his own painting and decorating business.

The glorious spring sunshine reveals all the areas of Lila's cottage that are in need of maintenance, as well as a good spring clean, and her friends suggest that she hires someone to do the work. At first, Lila is reluctant, having kept things the same since her fiancé left, but she has to admit that a fresh lick of paint on the walls and some more shelves for her books would be nice. When a flier advertising a new local painter and decorator lands on Lila's doormat, it seems like fate has made the decision for her.

As Ethan works his magic on Lila's cottage, and spring brings hope and renewal to Sunflower Street, is it possible that there could be a new beginning in store for Lila and Ethan too?

Summer Days on Sunflower Street:
Roxie Walker has been married to Fletcher for over twenty years. They live in a beautiful house on Sunflower Street, have a cute pug named Glenda and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. However, Roxie has a feeling that something isn't quite right…

Fletcher works hard and likes to relax on his days off, whether that's playing a round of golf, watching a football match on TV, or pottering around in the garden. Recently, though, he's finding it hard to switch off and he's concerned that Roxie seems to be drifting away from him. He comes up with a plan to try to make things better, but the secrecy required to carry it out creates its own problems.

As summer descends upon Sunflower Street, with warmer days spent at the recently refurbished lido and lighter evenings whiled away, surrounded by roses and honeysuckle in their lovely garden, matters come to a head. It's time for the truth to be revealed, and for grievances — both old and new — to be aired.

Will summer on Sunflower Street bring Roxie and Fletcher closer together or will it tear them apart?


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