Autumn Spice on Sunflower Street and Christmas Wishes on Sunflower Street Sunflower Street Series Book 3 and 4

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THE SUNFLOWER STREET series is a new heartwarming romance series from Rachel Griffiths, the author of THE COSY COTTAGE CAFÉ series. This audiobook collects books three and four in the bestselling series!

Joanne Baker often feels like she's drifting through life. She's thirty-two, works at the local café and still lives with her parents. She tells people it's because she's saving for a mortgage deposit, but the real reason she hasn't moved out is something she doesn't want to admit to anyone… Until she faces up to the maxed-out credit cards, never worn clothes and impractical shoes still in their boxes, she can't even begin to think about saving. She needs help, and when her friends Roxie and Lila find out the truth, they offer their support. Making changes can be difficult, but it's not impossible, and when Joanne puts her trust in those around her, she learns that the perfect life is an illusion, and that everyone has their own struggles along the way.


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