The Simple Difference How Every Small Kindness Makes a Big Impact Paperback

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In a world marked by division, how do we create bridges of meaningful connection? When despair runs rampant, is real hope possible? And at the end of the day, can one person really make any impact at all?

When the world's problems loom large and your ordinary life stretches you thin, it is still possible to be a difference-maker—one small, intentional act of kindness at a time.

Rather than telling you to do more, The Simple Difference shows you how to see more: more of the people in front of you, more of God's lavish love for you, more of his power within you. The Simple Difference will help you stop getting buried in busyness and distraction and discover countless opportunities for impact right where you are; remove your perceived limitations and learn to see that your "not-enough" is exactly what the world needs; and delight in the life-changing power of simple kindness.

The Simple Difference isn't about totally changing the course of your life; it's about letting God change you and work through you in the midst of your ordinary days. To say, As I go on my way, Lord, have your way with me. Be a part of The Simple Difference movement—your life and the world will never be the same.