Newborn Care Basics Baby Care Tips For New Moms

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Are you prepared to take care of your newborn baby?

Here a step-by-step book designed to cover EVERYTHING you need to take care of your Newborn Baby...

There are many tips out there that will point you in the direction of caring for a newborn, however, this book, Newborn Care Basics: Baby Care Tips For New Moms, strives to become the easy and quick guide on the basics that you will need to know.


  • All of the ways in which you can bond with your baby, from playtime to skin to skin, and beyond
  • The basics of feeding a newborn whether you have chosen to move forward with the breast or formula and possible obstacles when it comes to both
  • Recommended outfits in and out of the hospital
  • The nitty-gritty of getting baby to sleep so that the whole house can feel rested
  • The ins and outs of umbilical cord and belly button care
  • How to keep your baby comfortable and clean with bath time options
  • What to do about the dilemma surrounding circumcision

And much more…

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Babies grow up faster than you can blink. Newborn Care Basics, Baby Care Tips For New Moms will help you solve possible challenges of parenting and give you more time for the most important thing: spending quality time with your child and family!