Shelby Collinge's Mindset Matters Show


Mindset Expert Shelby Collinge will show you how to uncover your negative beliefs and replace them with beliefs that will increase your success and abundance.

Tune in every week to grow your beliefs of what is possible for you and remove the negative beliefs holding you back!


  • What Can YOU Do For Yourself?

    05/02/2007 Duration: 08min
  • The Real Definition of Failure

    29/01/2007 Duration: 06min
  • Reality is Like a Video Game

    22/01/2007 Duration: 09min
  • Do You Know What Your Beliefs Are?

    15/01/2007 Duration: 10min
  • What Does Your 'Story' Say About You?

    08/01/2007 Duration: 09min
  • Standing For Your Desires No Matter What!

    01/01/2007 Duration: 12min
  • Are You Arguing FOR Your Limitations?

    04/12/2006 Duration: 09min
  • The Boomerang Effect

    27/11/2006 Duration: 10min
  • Who Do You See in the Mirror?

    20/11/2006 Duration: 09min
  • Are You Living Life Like a Vacation?

    13/11/2006 Duration: 12min
  • The Three Obstacles In Your Way Right Now

    06/11/2006 Duration: 10min
  • Understanding the Immense Power of Your Beliefs

    30/10/2006 Duration: 09min
  • Do You See the Cup as Half Empty or Half Full?

    23/10/2006 Duration: 10min
  • Looking for the Abundance that Is All Around You

    16/10/2006 Duration: 08min
  • What Do You REALLY Expect?

    09/10/2006 Duration: 09min
  • Your Response To Life Is The Key

    02/10/2006 Duration: 09min
  • The Power Of Your Words

    25/09/2006 Duration: 10min
  • You Are 100% Responsible!

    18/09/2006 Duration: 10min
  • Planting the Seeds For Success!

    11/09/2006 Duration: 09min
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