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  • #63 Analysis Paralysis is Your Biggest Roadblock In Growth, here is why?

    12/01/2021 Duration: 08min

    When you have lots of data and you actually have lots of options, you actually freeze to take the decision. In another way, we call it choice Paralysis or if we go by the book of American psychologist “Barry Schwartz” we can call it the paradox of choices.  Why it is happening, the reason is called FOMO or “fear of missing out”, FOMO perpetuates the fear of having made the wrong decision on how to spend time, as “you can imagine how things could be different”. It comes to again the 2nd option we talk about earlier – ” When you are scared of taking any action because of the outcome” In this case you are scared of the outcome of each option you have because you overanalyzed upcoming result. If you look closely both options complete each other, the option where you overanalyzed things prey on your fear and the option where you are scared to take action is prey on over-analyzing. Let's understand this in a better way in this #UppSkillPodcast

  • #62 What Is SWOT Analysis and Why It is Important To Do One For Your Business?

    19/12/2020 Duration: 11min

    Doston, Jab bhi hum business start karte hai toh bahut sare data points ko dekhte hai taki hum ek calculative decision le saken.  Dosron ki weakness apki strength tak ban sakti hai aur khud ki kamzori ko bhi pahchahana zarori hota hai taki dosre usko exploit na kar saken. Isliye hi SWOT analysis kiya jata hai aur hamne is podcast me apko ye samjhane ki koshish ki hai taki aap business sahi se kar sake

  • #61 Anger and It's Relevancy With Learning

    11/12/2020 Duration: 06min

    Hello doston, Aaj tak hum gusse ko ek negative entity ki tarah dekhte aaye hai, aaj zara ek naye nazariye se dekhte hai ki kya hum iska use kuch seekhne me kar sakte hai, hum gusse ke types ko bhi sikhenge aur janeneg ki kaise direction dene se hi ye negative cheez ka bhi fayadauthaya jaa sakta hai. Challiye seekhte hai

  • #60 - The Bad side of Instagram Automation Feat Anuraag Nahata

    04/12/2020 Duration: 15min

    A lot of people use automation on Instagram, They talk about the good thing about the automation but they never mention bad thing which can happen to your account if you use automation and you learn about these in a hard way and usually don't have any strategy to come out. Anuraag Nahata who have been doing automation at Instagram from a few years now is going to reveal these things to you in this podcast.

  • #59 What is Break Even Point? | Hindi Podcast

    03/12/2020 Duration: 05min

    You start a business and earned some money and start thinking that you made a profit, but in reality, you can never hit profit unless you hit the break-even point. This podcast is about to explain in a very simple language that what is the break-even point in Hindi with an example. Hopefully, this will be super useful to you

  • #58 Being Fearless Is Overrated

    20/11/2020 Duration: 05min

    Let's talk about one of the emotions which we think is holding us back and we know it as fear. in reality, it is not fear but lack of courage to overcome it is the culprit as fear and courage complement each other. Fear is also a natural response system of a human being which tells you that something is not right and this is the signal which helps us to take a better or worst decision in our life. Let's see fear from a very different perspective in today's #FridayPodcast

  • #57 How to use your emotion to your advantage by finding the way to release it

    13/11/2020 Duration: 07min

    What if you can use your anger to grow? People often tell that anger is bad and it is a roadblock you should not have in your journey, in reality, it is not anger but the way we handle it.  The same anger is used to fuel revolutions and done some incredible things it is all about how you give it a direction. and this is what we are going to learn in this podcast :)  How you can understand your emotions and how you can use it to your advantage. 

  • #56 The Story Of Patnabeats Feat. Bashshar Habibullah

    06/11/2020 Duration: 24min

    Today is #FridayPodcastdayAnd today I am going to share a story of Bashshar Habibullah who uses his anger to positively and made it a mission to become a storyteller to tell the positive side of the story of his identity and created one of the most visited websites in Bihar called PatnaBeats The struggle was not easy for him but he fought and became successful in narrating many positive stories, in fact, he is in the front row of creating many positive stories too :) Hope his journey will inspire you and teach you an important lesson in life which is "Kill them with success"

  • #55 Great Manager Lead From Behind - Let's understand the mindset change once you become a manager

    30/10/2020 Duration: 15min

    Jab bhi hum kisi job me hote hai toh, kaam karte karte hamen us cheez ki experince hoti hai aur iske saath hi hamara role ek trainee se change ho ke alag alag badlav bhi dekhta hai. In sab role me ek bahut hi important role aata hai wo hai "manager" ka, ye isliye bhi important hai kyunki psychologically and strategically apke jeevan me bahut si cheezen badalti hai is time. par iske saath responsibility bhi, kuch cheezen sikhni hoti hai aur kuch un learn karni hoti hai, logon ko dekhne ka nazariya thoda sa change karna hota hai. India me dekhe toh managers ki reputation kuch achhi nahi hai as wo apna mindset ko lift nahi karte aur baad me cheezen bahut zyada gadbad ho jati hai. inhi sab baaton ko nazar me rakhte hue hamne ye #fridaypodcast banaya hai jisme hum baat karenge ki kaise is role me transform karte hai. kuch kahaniyaan meri khud ki zindagi se bhi hai isme. jo seekha wahi bata raha hun, apke bahut kaam aayega, kyunke mere kaam toh ye aaya hi hai

  • #54 5 Things you should take care if you are starting a blog Feat Iftekhar Ahmed

    23/10/2020 Duration: 26min

    Hi, community, In this podcast our Co-founder Arbab Usmani and Iftekhar Ahmed who is a pro blogger going to discuss some of the things which should be taken care while you start a blog and a little bit about the life of Iftekhar Ahmed on how he started blogging.  If you are new to our podcast then  You can join our community at Facebook know as UppSkill Digital marketing Community If you are looking to train yourself at Digital marketing you can join Digital Marketing Masterclass 3.0 You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel called UppSkill Each Monday we send some newsletter where we told our subscriber about things happening in Digital Marketing World - Join us here

  • #53 Treat Attitude As A Very Essential Skill In Your Life

    16/10/2020 Duration: 11min

    Many of us think that attitude is something which comes with a bloodline, it is not true, attitude is how you think and feel about something for that you need to develop empathy, treat attitude as skill and work on it.

  • #52 Acceptance: The journey from Self Judgement to Self Confidence

    09/10/2020 Duration: 07min

    Let's talk about acceptance today, and why it is super important in your improvement, in fact without this your improvement is not possible.

  • #51 Samvaad with Amit Mishra - A Simple Man doing Amazing Thing At Youtube

    07/10/2020 Duration: 14min

    This podcast I have recorded last year where Amit Mishra opens up a lot of things about his life and career and future plans, let's hear him out

  • #50 Group Dynamics, social influence & Social Psychology in Online Communities Feat Paras Pundir

    02/10/2020 Duration: 38min

    Hello guys, This is my 50th Podcast and in this Paras and I are going to discuss something very deep about online community building which is a very rare topic people talk about which is about group dynamics and the social psychology of people. We are going to look at things first outside of the community and then slowly we will get inside of the community and see how psychology works there as well. Paras is known as "The Community Guy" and he is helping Microsoft to build their developer community in Bangalore, he previously helped Facebook too and handling around a dozen community as well.

  • #49 What Is Google's Bert

    23/09/2020 Duration: 05min

    Google has been introducing AI system to help their algo from almost more than half a decade now. In 2018 they introduced neural matching to understand the content. Later they renamed it BERT. here in this podcast, we will talk about what it is as Google's own explanation.

  • #48 What Is Mobile First Strategy & Why Startups Are Using It Now A days

    20/09/2020 Duration: 05min

    Hi friends,  As we are seeing the world is now moved from desktops to laptop and now to smartphones so a lot of companies starts using 'mobile first strategy' for their brand, for example Google or Amazon.  Today in this podcast we are going to learn about this in detail

  • #47 - What is burnout and how to deal with it?

    14/09/2020 Duration: 03min

    Hello friends, When our body can't take anymore workload we start feeling burnout, in short, it means our body and mind both needs rest. In this podcast I shared some of the tricks to deal with it 

  • #46 - What is Priming: The Secret Weapon Of Storytellers & Copywriters- Marketing Psychology

    03/09/2020 Duration: 09min

    Hello friends, Today we are going to deep dive into marketing psychology called priming, which is widely used in Marketing Storytelling and Copywriting. We will know about its experiment and see some case studies as well so stay tuned.

  • #45 Your Family Did Enough For You Now Move Your Ass And Start Working

    29/08/2020 Duration: 05min

    This is my response to a person who is 21 year old and into blogging and saying his family do not support him financially.

  • #44 - Let's Understand Content In a Psychological Way So That We Can Do Marketing Better

    17/08/2020 Duration: 07min

    As a marketer, we need to understand the content is a basic entity of life, without that a human cannot communicate hence there will be no evolution. As we all communicate with each other using languages and sign, it might be a verbal or non-verbal communication at the end of the day everything falls under the definition of content. So I made this video to understand content as a human perspective rather than content as a marketer perspective. Because as a marketer we communicate to human being and it is important to understand the psychology behind content and communication

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