Real Meets Real

Real Meets Real


Mufaro, Anthony and Soji are three friends that all attend the University of Maryland College Park. In their Podcast, they hope to share information that is currently trending through social media, as well as delve into some conversations about discussions they have had with each other. We hope that this podcast blows your mind!


  • Patience: The Top Skill That I Have Used In the Past Year
    Patience: The Top Skill That I Have Used In the Past Year
    Duration: 05min | 25/06/2019

    In this episode, Mufaro speaks about the skill that he currently finds most useful, patience. He also explains another skill that one of his friends submitted through Instagram.

  • Stay Your Course
    Stay Your Course
    Duration: 05min | 03/06/2019

    In this episode, I speak about an easy 4 step method to help you achieve the goals that you set for yourself. Remember to share this podcast with other people and follow me on Instagram @Mufaro_IMRSE.

  • Am I Self Made?
    Am I Self Made?
    Duration: 04min | 10/05/2019

    In this episode, Mufaro speaks on the topic of being self-made. He talks about complications surrounding the Kylie Jenner Situation and even reflects on his own life to answer the question, Am I Self Made? Hope you Enjoy!

  • Mufaros Top 3 Meditation (Headspace) Courses
    Mufaro's Top 3 Meditation (Headspace) Courses
    Duration: 04min | 30/01/2019

    Happy New Years everyone! In this Episode Mufaro Breaks down his top 3 Headspace courses that he has been using. This builds off of the last episode where Anthony asked him "What Makes You Happy?". We hope you enjoy! Follow Mufaro on Instagram @Mufaro_IMRSE

  • Stress and How to Deal With It
    Stress and How to Deal With It
    Duration: 19min | 25/12/2018

    In this podcast, Anthony goes on a journey around campus, to find answers to some of the toughest questions faced by students in America. What is stress and how to deal with it, find out in todays episode of the Real Meets Real Podcast.

  • Being Aware of Who You Are As You Grow Older and more
    Being Aware of Who You Are As You Grow Older and more
    Duration: 49min | 27/11/2018

    In their first podcast, Anthony and Mufaro Dive into topics surrounding their different upbringings and their different viewpoints on school and life. Follow us on Social Media: Instagram: @Mufaro_IMRSE @AJTooTurnt and twitter @TafaraSpeaks, @Mufaro05 and @AJTooTurnt