Our Natural Goodness

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As one of the most beloved American teachers of Buddhism, Sylvia Boorstein brings warmth, humor, and real-life honesty to the principles of mindfulness and spiritual practice. In this joy-filled conversation, she shares her insights on how we can be more accepting of the negative patterns in our minds, and find happiness regardless of the challenges we face. She explains: “The point of practice is not to keep the mind unconfused, because that’s not going to work. We’re going to keep getting confused, startled, broadsided by life all the time. So it’s not about not getting confused. It’s about recognizing that I’ve become confused and then doing something to reestablish the clarity in the mind that enables my own innate goodness to manifest itself.” With personal stories about her own foibles as well as her wisdom, Dr. Boorstein helps us realize how each of us can make moment-to-moment changes that alter the way we see ourselves and the world around us. (hosted by Michael Toms)