Beyond Informational Thinking To Connective Thinking

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Glenn Parry believes that the way to cure our planetary challenges begins with a return to original thinking. The way we think and interact with nature and each other, he says, affects everything. As long as we divide things up as animate and inanimate, as living and not living we will continue to destroy the earth. “If there’s one thing I would like to change in Western culture, it’s to remember and restore the understanding that all the elements are alive.” There has been a shift to linear thinking which he says is not our natural way. He explains that the ancient Greeks were interested in how things come together in harmony. The word “rational” comes from “ratio” or a relationship between things. “And this is totally the opposite of what rational thought has become today where it’s a fragmented, degraded form of rationality which is no longer connected to a sensuous living universe.” He opens up about his personal experiences of learning and thinking, listening and being, and shares stories that offer deep insights into the living roots of wisdom and the origin of thinking. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)