Major Barbara

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For over thirty years, California Artists Radio Theatre has presented the best, fully-produced, professional, radio dramas, comedies, and musicals, featuring renowned Hollywood, Broadway, British & Irish actors, performing award-winning scripts adapted from modern & classic stories, books, & plays. SUMMARY: In a reprise of his theatrical role, Norman Lloyd stars as the world's foremost munitions-maker, Andrew Undershaft. He and Salvation Army officer Barbara agree to visit each other's institution to sway the opposition to their point of view. STARRING: SAMANTHA EGGAR as Major Barbara, JOHN ASTIN as Adolpus Cousins, NORMAN LLOYD as Andrew Undershaft, JEANETTE NOLAN as Lady Prisimart Undershaft, BAIBRE DOWLING as Sarah Undershaft, ELLIOTT REID as Stephen Undershaft, JAMES LANCASTER as Charles Lomax, PEGGY WEBBER as Rummy Mitchens, RICHARD ERDMAN as Snobby Price and Morrison, JANET WALDO as Jenny Hill, SEAN McCLORY as Bill Walker, PARLEY BAER as Peter Shirley, KATHLEEN FREEMAN as General Baines, LINDA HENNING as Marge Haberjam, ASHBY ADAMS as Todger Fairmile and Bilton, and, ANNOUNCER ART GILMORE.