Blood Knot A Frank Bennett Mystery

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Tough love . . . or torture?

A tough-love school for troubled teens opens its doors in Trout Run, New York. What could go wrong?

The locals are thrilled. The North Country Academy promises more jobs and more money flowing into town. But all Police Chief Frank Bennett sees is a throng of juvenile delinquents unpacking on his turf.

Then Frank's worst fears are confirmed. An Academy teacher leading a wilderness expedition is mauled to death by a bear. Evidence points to sabotage.

As Frank investigates, he learns more about the school's controversial techniques: isolation, restraints, and mind control. He meets students who might be terrified . . . or might be brilliant liars.

And he uncovers disturbing information about the Academy's headmaster. What is more impressive? His track record of putting teens back on the right path . . . or his skill in covering up past scandals?

When an Academy student turns up dead, Frank must unravel a knot of deceit and revenge whose threads lead right into the heart of the Trout Run community. Frank's pursuit of the truth brings him up against a hard choice every good cop dreads.


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