Spirit Animals: Special Edition Tales of the Great Beasts

Spirit Animals: Special Edition Tales of the Great Beasts


Dive, run, and soar through this exhilarating special edition in the New York Times bestselling series, with a story by WILD BORN author, Brandon Mull.

In the world of Erdas, there's a story of four noble animals who sacrificed everything to protect their homes from the ambitions of a mad king.

Briggan the Wolf, Uraza the Leopard, Jhi the Panda, and Essix the Falcon. Long before they were spirit animals, the four were still legends--Great Beasts, the most powerful beings to roam the wilds of Erdas.

Aided by a brave resistance of humans and animals, they gave their lives to protect the world from a threat more dangerous than any it had seen before: their own kind. Wise and cunning, gentle and ruthless, these are tales of the true heroes and villains in the war that started it all.


  • Chapter 0
    Duration: 38s
  • Chapter 1
    Duration: 01h10min
  • Chapter 2
    Duration: 01h03min
  • Chapter 3
    Duration: 01h01min
  • Chapter 4
    Duration: 57min
  • Chapter 5
    Duration: 48min
  • Chapter 6
    Duration: 57s