Gods Battle Plan for the Mind The Puritan Practice of Biblical Meditation

God's Battle Plan for the Mind The Puritan Practice of Biblical Meditation


During the seventeenth century, English Puritan pastors often encouraged their congregations in the spiritual discipline of meditating on God and His Word. Today, however, much of evangelicalism is either ignorant of or turned off to the idea of meditation. In God's Battle Plan for the Mind, pastor David Saxton seeks to convince God's people of the absolute necessity for personal meditation and motivate them to begin this work themselves. But he has not done this alone. Rather, he has labored through numerous Puritan works in order to bring together the best of their insights on meditation. Standing on the shoulders of these giants, Saxton teaches us how to meditate on divine truth and gives valuable guidance about how to rightly pattern our thinking throughout the day. With the rich experiential theology of the Puritans, this book lays out a course for enjoying true meditation on God's Word.


  • Chapter 0
    Duration: 05min
  • Chapter 1
    Duration: 32min
  • Chapter 2
    Duration: 20min
  • Chapter 3
    Duration: 17min
  • Chapter 4
    Duration: 28min
  • Chapter 5
    Duration: 11min
  • Chapter 6
    Duration: 30min
  • Chapter 7
    Duration: 19min
  • Chapter 8
    Duration: 48min
  • Chapter 9
    Duration: 21min
  • Chapter 10
    Duration: 22min
  • Chapter 11
    Duration: 32min
  • Chapter 12
    Duration: 09min
  • Chapter 13
    Duration: 13min