Set Free and Delivered Strategies and Prayers to Maintain Freedom

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Many Christians who have experienced a level of deliverance fall back into the same cycles they were delivered from, causing them to wonder if they were really set free in the first place. Others don't fall into sin but struggle with maintaining their deliverance amid the enemy's relentless attempts to draw them into sin.

In this audiobook, author Sophia Ruffin shares from her own experience on how Christians can stay free after their deliverance. This audio contains specific principles and strategies to empower believers to combat demonic attacks and the temptation to return to old patterns. Listeners will discover how to put on the full armor of God and develop a proactive strategy to maintain their deliverance, which includes removing everything from their lives that would give the enemy a legal right to put them back in bondage.

Ruffin draws from her own experiences to give listeners specific strategies and warfare prayers to overthrow demonic plans, plots, and agendas. It is possible to get free and stay free. This audio will help Christians prepare for the battles that come after deliverance and equip them to use their God-given authority to overcome the enemy.


  • Contains specific principles and strategies for remaining free from demonic oppression
  • Includes prayers and confessions to equip readers to defeat demonic plans to set them back 
  • Shares author's testimony of maintaining deliverance in her own life