Comportamiento con libros de la biblioteca? Manners With a Library Book

Explains many different ways that children can show manners with a library book in both English and Spanish.

Get Up and Go Being Active

Being active is fun, and it makes you feel good. You can run, jump, or play. What are some other ways to be active and stay healthy?

Manners on the School Bus

What should you say to the bus driver? Find out how good manners make bus rides pleasant for everyone.

Whose Equipment Is This?

Who is this book about? It's a mystery! A worker gives you clues about his job and the equipment he uses to help people in his community. Can you use the clues to guess who it is?

Pledge of Allegiance

Children are taught to respect the symbols of America from their first day of school. The Pledge of Allegiance provides teachers an easy-to-read picture book explaining the...

Fuel the Body Eating Well

Eating good food keeps your body healthy and gives you energy. Every food group is important. What do you eat to stay healthy and strong? 

Go Wash Up Keeping Clean

Keeping your body clean helps you stay healthy. Wash your hands, comb your hair, and wear clean clothes. What are some other ways to keep clean?  "Listed as a Common Core State...

Manners at a Friend's House

Should you remove your shoes at the door? Find out how good manners make visiting a friend’s house fun for everyone.

Brush, Floss, and Rinse Caring for Your Teeth and Gums

It’s important to take care of your teeth. Flossing and brushing should be part of your every day routine. What are some other ways to keep your teeth healthy?

My Friend Has Autism

My friend Zack has a disability called autism. But that doesn’t matter to us. We talk about airplanes, build models, and enjoy hanging out at each other’s house. I’m glad...

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