Skate Trick A Robot and Rico Story

Roll! Jump! Flip! Rico has learned a lot of new skateboard tricks. Robot wants to learn too. Can Rico teach Robot, or will his skateboarding dreams disappear?

The Big Catch A Robot and Rico Story

Robot and Rico are off to the beach! While Rico is busy fishing, Robot is bored. Rico wants to catch the biggest fish, but Robot may end up with a bigger surprise.

Hollywood Here We Come! (short /o/)

The campers visit a movie set and learn the short /o/ sound in the Leveled Phonics Reader Hollywood Here We Come! by Anastasia Suen.

We're Going on a Dinosaur Dig

This Book Takes Students Through The Exciting Adventures Of Dinosaur Hunting Until They Find One And Have To Quickly Retrace Their Steps Back To Safety.

Winning By Waiting

You don't always win by being fast. Sometimes slow is the way to go. You have to wait to see things change and this takes patience. You should be persistent and keep practicing....

A Girl's Guide to Volleyball

Are you a girl who loves to nail the perfect spike? Get in the game! Take your knowledge of volleyball to the next level. Learn the positions, skills, tips and tricks that will...

A Tiger Grows Up

Describes the development of a tiger from infancy to adulthood, as she grows up in India.

A Hippopotamus Grows Up

Describes the development of a hippopotamus from infancy to adulthood, as he grows up in Africa.

A Prize Inside A Robot and Rico Story

Rico is missing just one Hero Cat prize. Robot and Rico take a trip to the grocery store. With Robot's special tricks, Rico is sure he'll get the prize he wants. Even if he has to...

The U.S. Supreme Court

Since our nation's birth, the Supreme Court has been the highest court in the United States. But until 1935, it didn't have a building of its own. Join a lawyer named Marta in The...

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