Flipper Island

Journey to an island and play with the campers!

Kangaroo Country /k/

Go Off Roading In The Outback And Meet Kangaroos, Koalas, And Kookaburras.

Honeybee Hills /h/

Learn About Honey And Beekeeping With The Campers.

Charlie's Harmonica

When Charlie's Grandfather Gives Him A Harmonica As A Present He Can't Stop Playing It. His Mom And Dad Are Constantly Telling Him To Put It Away, But His Efforts Paid Off When...

Monkey Business

Spike And Mike Monkey Have A Game Called Snatch And Stow. They Take Items From Their Friends And Hide Them Inside A Secret Cave. They Think It Is All In Fun But When Their Friends...

Disaster on the 100th Day

In This Early Reader, Animals Bring 100 Things To Celebrate The 100Th Day Of School. Someone Spills 100 Marbles!

A Blimp in the Blue

The campers learn about blimps and take a ride.

Jungle Journey /j/

Venture Into The Jungle And Meet Jaguars And Jackals.

Team Captain

This Title Puts An Emphasis On Teamwork. How If You Work As A Team And Everyone Does Their Part, It Is Easier To Finish A Task With Success.

My Name Is Not...

Lucy Goose Is Having A Difficult Time With All The Names She's Being Called By The Other Animals In The Barnyard. After Confronting Each One She Reveals Her Real Name And Her Real...

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