Louis Pasteur and Pasteurization

Tells the story of French scientist Louis Pasteur and his invention of the pasteurization process. Written in graphic-novel format.

You Can Write Awesome Stories

You can take readers to faraway places. You can make giraffes burp and hippos sing. You can turn the sky purple and make readers wonder what’s coming next. You can write awesome...

What Is an Adjective?

What is an adjective? Is it HOT? CRUNCHY? PURPLE? Or SWEET? It's all of these things and more. Take a peek!

You Can Write a Terrific Opinion Piece

You can say why you think rabbits make the best pets. You can list why winter is better than summer. You can share why your school needs a new gym. You can write a terrific...

Collect Your Thoughts Organizing Information

You’ve got your topic and explored all kinds of sources. Now what do you do? Organize your information! The more organized your information is, the easier the writing process...

Alexander Graham Bell and the Telephone

Tells the story of how Alexander Graham Bell came up with the telephone, and how his invention changed the way people communicate.

You Can Write Cool Poems

You can make readers smile. You can give them goosebumps or the giggles. You can even make them cry. You can show readers the world the way YOU see it. You can write cool poetry!

What Is a Verb?

What is a verb? Does it SWIM? CHEW? SLITHER or ZOOM? It does all of these things and more. TAKE a peek!

What Is a Conjunction?

What is a conjunction? AND what does it do? OR where does it go? Take a peek inside SO you can find out!

CM Punk Straight Edge Heel

What kind of wrestler can be a model for drug-free, healthy living and still be heel? Only a punk, CM Punk, that is. Follow CM Punk from the backyard wrestling rings of his...

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