Widow McGee and the Three Gypsies

The fable of three gypsies who get a little more than they bargained for when they tempt fate.Hosted by: David Warner.

Francisco Pizarro: His Heart on a Golden Knife

The New World has everything a gold-crazy Spaniard could ask for, including murder.Hosted by: David Warner.

If a Body Need a Body, Call Burke & Hare

When times are tough, turn to the world's oldest profession: murder.Two gents of old Scotland supply dead bodies on demand for the medical profession.Hosted by: David Warner.

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

The true story of the final days of the Great Emancipator...and his killer.Hosted by: Roddy McDowall.

Your Loving Son, Nero

Fiddling will get you everywhere, even a few steps closer to death.Hosted by: David Warner.

The Crime of Bathsheba Spooner Mysteries in the Air

The tale of the first woman tried for murder in the United States...and what she did for love.Hosted by: David Warner.

Billie Bonnie: Bloodletter

The story of the Wild West's quickest, and youngest, sharpshooter.Hosted by: William Windom.

The Seven-Layer Arsenic Cake Of Madame Lefarge

An authentic French cake calls for eggs, sugar, flour, and of course, poison. HOSTED by RODDY McDOWALL and STARRING: JO ANNE WORLEY, ROGER PERRY, WILLIAM WINDOM, LOUIS NYE,...

Good Evening, My Name is Jack The Ripper

Being a nice girl doesn't help when you're being stalked by a killer. Written from the original newspaper reports by: Morton Fine and David Friedkin. Hosted by: David Warner.

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