Off to the Yogurt Factory /y/

The campers learn where yummy yogurt comes from and the phonetic sound /y/ in Off to the Yogurt Factory by Precious Mckenzie.

Lost In The Corn Maze /c/

The Campers Venture Into The Corn Maze And Try To Get Out.

Disaster Day

Darling And Lovey Were Two Turtledoves In A Class Full Of Graceful Eaglets. They Could Not Fly As Well And Were Made Fun Of By The Other Students. They Practiced And Practiced And...

Water World

Young Readers Focus On The Importance And Issues Of Clean Water.

Get The Prize /g/

The campers win awesome prizes and learn the phonetic sound /g/ in Get the Prize by Precious Mckenzie.

The Duck Doctor

Meet Doctor Sue as she takes care of a special patient.

The Lake Mistake

The Campers spend a lovely day at the lake until s lynx shows up.

At Bat /b/

The Campers Play Baseball Until A Ball Flies Over The Fence.

Bus Troubles /x/

The Field Trip Gets Put On Hold When The Bus Breaks Down.

Fish Mission /f/

Join the campers as they learn how to fish and learn the phonetic sound /f/ in Fish Mission by Precious Mckenzie.

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