Who Sir? Me Sir?

A boy's dream come true! He would be Cabin boy for the Captain of a big ship.

Little Wolf

Little Wolf thought he was an Indian until he was banned from the tribe.

Randy and His Bike

Randy was willing to do anything to get a bike…even willing to take what didn't belong to him.

On Loan from God

Seated as the mother of the bride, she remembers the life she had with her daughter.

A Doll For Josephine

Two brothers, an expensive bird, a sad little girl and a lesson that went so wrong.

Grandpa Willie

A young boy turns a grouchy old grandpa's life around.

The Birthday Dinner

The girls had a great idea! A surpise birthday chicken dinner for their aunt. The surprise was on them.

I'll Be Home For Christmas

No matter what people said, she knew her dad would be home for Christmas, because he promised.


A family of trees, three children and their mother.

The Gift

Sir Edwards birthday and the only present the two boys had blew up.

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