The Two-Handed Man

Jimmy's an ace with a gun in either hand — but he's got to wake up now or he's dead.There's one killer in his room, another in the hall and an axe-wielding lunatic is hiding...

Infernal Affairs

A real estate agent in South Florida's discreetly posh Banyan Beach, Barbara Chessner is down on her luck, up several dress sizes, drowning herself in Bloody Marys -- and, worst...

Too Tough for Texans!

The new teacher whipped the overgrown Tucker boy on the third day after the opening of the Windmill school.That night at the supper tables of sheep spreads and cow outfits up and...

Mowgli's Brothers A Story from the Jungle Books

Deep in the Indian jungle, a boy is raised by wolves with the help of Baloo the bear and Bagheera the black panther. Soon he has to fight the tiger Shere Khan. Who will win?

The Rats of Hamlintown

The rats were bad in Hamlintown, but so were the elected officials. Can the Piper rid the town of all of them? He will sure try.

The Adventure of the Second Stain A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

The Prime Minister comes to Holmes in the matter of a document stolen from the dispatch box, was kept at home in Whitehall Terrace when not at work. If divulged, this document...

The Wolf Hunter

A demon coyote that's too fast to shoot and too smart to poison is closing in. Will the Wolf Hunter survive?

Lawman's Debt

Brad Kelly planned for weeks, set everything carefully in place - then he hit the Pioneer State Bank for $53,000. Will he kill to keep it?

No Man's Range

A sudden freeze has come, prelude to winter, and Bart Tyler has turned his herd onto the protective Public Domain land he has been using over the last three years. But this year...

Banker Clayton's Interest Westerns

The drought is killing everything. There is a way to save the herds but half will die - maybe some ranchers too. Are they desperate enough?

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