A Checkhov Humouresque

A Chekhov Humoresque includes:"The Proposal" starring: Jo Anne Worley, Marvin Kaplan and Richard Herd."Tobacco" starring: Paul Keith."The Boor" starring: Samantha Eggar, Charles...

Major Barbara

For over thirty years, California Artists Radio Theatre has presented the best, fully-produced, professional, radio dramas, comedies, and musicals, featuring renowned Hollywood,...

Widow McGee and the Three Gypsies

The fable of three gypsies who get a little more than they bargained for when they tempt fate.Hosted by: David Warner.

Francisco Pizarro: His Heart on a Golden Knife

The New World has everything a gold-crazy Spaniard could ask for, including murder.Hosted by: David Warner.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

An abbreviated version of Shakespeare's comedy featuring the clowns and the fairies, without most of the love stories. Run amok with the rustics, as played by CART's finest. ...

Shadow and Substance

An overbearing archbishop and a saintly servant are faced with allegations of collusion in the church. Through comedy, drama, and tragedy do they learn the ultimate lesson of...

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

The true story of the final days of the Great Emancipator...and his killer.Hosted by: Roddy McDowall.

The World and His Wife

From the dawn of time to the turn of the millennium, the styles may change but the men and women living in them stay virtually the same. Join our ubiquitous couple in the as they...

If a Body Need a Body, Call Burke & Hare

When times are tough, turn to the world's oldest profession: murder.Two gents of old Scotland supply dead bodies on demand for the medical profession.Hosted by: David Warner.

Edwin Booth

Take the stage with Edwin Booth, American theatrical superstar of the 1800s and learn the tragic history of his brother, assassin John Wilkes Booth. The murder shook not only the...

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