Lunar New Year A First Look

Lunar New Year is a time for families to celebrate the coming of spring. Give early learners a first look into this happy holiday with full-color photographs and accessible text.

Inside My Home

Engage emergent readers with a look inside different parts of a home. This simple nonfiction text pairs with the fiction book Our New Neighbors.

Diwali A First Look

Diwali is an Indian holiday known as the Festival of Lights. Simple text and full-color photos give young learners a look at this happy holiday.

Not Done Yet Shirley Chisholm's Fight for Change

Shirley Chisholm was a natural-born fighter. She didn’t like to be bossed and she wanted things to be fair.Brooklyn-born Shirley Chisholm was smart and ambitious. She poured her...

The Real History of the Transcontinental Railroad

There is more to the history of the railroads than connecting the eastern United States to the western ones. Most of the workers were of Chinese descent and were treated unfairly....

Basketball A First Look

Anyone can play basketball! Learn all about this popular sport through fun photos and leveled text.

Hockey A First Look

Hockey is a fun fall and winter sport. Learn about equipment, rules, and more in this thrilling introduction to the game.

Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr A First Look

Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr celebrate faith and giving thanks. Through thoughtful text and critical-thinking questions, readers will learn all about these two holidays and how people...

Three Jumps to Sorry A Yom Kippur Story

Hannah was delightful―except when she wasn’t. The day before Yom Kippur, Hannah kicks a soccer ball in the living room and breaks her mother’s glass apple. Her wise mother,...

Hidden Creature Features

Some animal features are easy to see—long tails, large wings, patterned fur, or sharp beaks. But look closer—you might be surprised by what you find!A penguin’s sharp beak...

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