The Mexican Saddle

After their friend is murdered, trail partners Jim and Waco discover that the old Mexican saddle he left with them might just be more important than they first realised…

Ghost Brand of the Wishbones

In this Western trio, we see a range feud become vicious; a woman in love with a man suspected of her brother’s murder; and a daring robbery — or a double-cross?

Shafter Range

Family ties and past ructions play heavily on the minds of Rick Candleman and Mike Shafter in this Western duo of stage robberies, murder and land ownership.

Wild Riders

Brade Bradenton rides with the rebel raiders fighting Yankee rule in Missouri. Then a man named Logan tells Bradenton a plan that will make the wild riders a living legend.

No Cure for Love

Featuring a foreword by Michael Connelly, this relentlessly suspenseful thriller from the New York Times bestselling and Edgar award-winning author of the Inspector Banks novels...

Woman of the Avalon

They came hunting for something better in this wild and open country of promise and new hope: a woman and two men who tried to shape their own destinies, and were shaped instead.

Shadow of a Hang Rope

Life for John Hawk is looking up when he is offered a half stake in a stage-line business. But will his fraudulent past catch up with him?

The Yarborough Brand

Seth Yarborough returned to the Jaybar spread after six years, hoping to clear himself with his father. But he came back to find a deadly ambush waiting for him....

Longhorn Trail

This Western duo sees a rancher accused of the murder of a woman he believes is still alive, and a trail drive made dangerous from the threat of Comancheros.

Death of a Cattle King

Life is difficult enough for Sam Holt with the neighbouring ranches warring over turf, authority and complicated love triangles, when the Paiutes decide to get involved, too....

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