Lord Jim

Jim is a young and naive clerk on a cargo ship plying Asian waters. He harbors romantic fantasies of adventure and heroism which are promptly scuttled one night when the ship...

Lord Jim

Lord Jim is a novel by Joseph Conrad originally published as a serial in Blackwood's Magazine from October 1899 to November 1900. An early and primary event is the abandonment of...

Jim Cellini

Veterinarian seeking to help my fellow vets and the general populace become more informed and thoughtful regarding the veterinary profession as a whole.

Jim Dedelow

Jim Dedelow, morning host, WJOB AM 1230, Hammond, Ind.

Jim & Lally

Having a crappy day? Well listen to this show

Lord Jim

This adventure story of the south seas is one of Conrad’s best known works. Jim is a young man who has chosen a career with the Merchant Marines. Early on he is tested by the...

Old Jim

Nobody liked the old town bum, but God knew his name.

Lord Jim

From his many years on the high seas as a mariner, mate, and captain, Joseph Conrad created unique works, including Heart of Darkness (RB# 89470), that have left an indelible...

Jim Kukral Books

Jim Kukral is the author of multiple books on the subjects of entrepreneurship, online business and marketing.

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