Hollywood Here We Come! (short /o/)

The campers visit a movie set and learn the short /o/ sound in the Leveled Phonics Reader Hollywood Here We Come! by Anastasia Suen.

Flipper Island

Journey to an island and play with the campers!

Wet and Wild Waterpark /w/

A Magical Waterpark Entertains The Campers On A Hot, Hot Day.

The Museum Mystery

The Campers visit a museum to see mummies and masks.

Kangaroo Country /k/

Go Off Roading In The Outback And Meet Kangaroos, Koalas, And Kookaburras.

Go North! /n/

The Campers Venture To Where The Weather Is Cold And They Meet A Narwhal.

Lost In The Corn Maze /c/

The Campers Venture Into The Corn Maze And Try To Get Out.

Chili Challenge

Experience one of the campers conquer the chili eating challenge!

Honeybee Hills /h/

Learn About Honey And Beekeeping With The Campers.

Humpty Dumpty

A Different Take On The Original Nursery Rhyme As Humpty's Friends Fall Off Chairs And All The Kings Horses And All The Kings Men Cook Them Into Something Else Such As Eggnog,...

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