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Slovak missionary Don Vladimír Stuchlý died in Madagascar - Na Madagaskare zomrel slovenský misionár Don Vladimír Stuchlý



At the age of 57, the Slovak Salesian don Vladimír Stuchlý died in Madagascar at the end of March. He spent a few days in a hospital in the country's second largest city in Tamatava. As his friend Dominik Šuplata said for the portal: “Don has changed the lives of thousands of people. In Madagascar, he built nine churches and six schools, many water mains, workshops where local Malagasy people could work. He helped everyone without any exception. He taught them how to do things better. The word he often repeated was "freedom." That way he also spread Christianity. That's how he approached people. Everything you do, do only if you want. He loved Madagascar, as well as Slovakia. " - Vo veku 57 rokov zomrel koncom marca na Madagaskare slovenský salezián don Vladimír Stuchlý. Niekoľko dní strávil v nemocnici v druhom najväčšom meste krajiny v Tamatave. Ako sa pre portal vyjadril jeho priatel, Dominik Šuplata: “Don zmenil život tisíckam ľudí. Na Madagaskare postavil deväť kostolov a šesť š