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  • Can Active Storage Serve Images for the Modern Web? by Mark Hutter - RUBY 501

    09/06/2021 Duration: 56min

    Dave Kimura and Luke Stutters talk with Mark Hutter about Active Storage and his experience building a large image driven application. We talk about some of the issues and workarounds when implementing Active Storage. Panel Dave Kimura Luke Stutters Guest Mark Hutter Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Links The Speedshop Ruby on Rails Performance Blog Active storage add proxying - GitHub Ruby on Rails Screencasts GitHub | rubyjs/mini_racer Mark Hutter | Lead Engineer GitHub: Mark Hutter ( mrkhutter ) Twitter: Mark Hutter ( @mrkhutter ) Picks Dave- Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens for Sony E  Dave- NexDock  Dave-  Episode #256 CDN on Active Storage Uploads Luke- StutsBlog - Technical Blog Luke- GitHub | rails/execjs Mark- MH40 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Mark- Contact Dave: Ruby on Rails Screencasts Twitter: Dave Kimura ( @kobaltz ) GitHub: David Kimura ( kobaltz )

  • The 3 Essentials for Successful Job Outcomes - BONUS

    04/06/2021 Duration: 35min

    Chuck dives into the 3 essentials for getting the next successful outcome you want in your career. Whether that's something simple like a raise or something more complex like going freelance, you can achieve it by working on 3 main areas. First, building skills. The most obvious type of skills you'll need is technical skills. However, don't neglect your people skills and your organizational skills as well since you're often paid for how you work with people and enhance their work and how you put your work together in the most efficient ways. Second, building relationships. Often other people will be able to help you find the opportunities or will be the ones to make the decisions that impact your ability to get the outcome you want. Having good relationships is key to having good outcomes. Third, building recognition. Being known for being valuable in important ways allows you to leverage the skills you have to build better relationships and create opportunities to get what you need

  • Episode 500 - RUBY 500

    02/06/2021 Duration: 01h09min

    Chuck, Luke, and Dave are joined by Eric Berry for a roundtable chat and celebration of 500 episodes and 10 years of Ruby Rogues. They start out discussing where each of them are at these days. Then talk about their favorite episodes of the show. They talk about what they see for the future of Ruby and then discuss the future of the show and where they go from here. Panel Charles Max Wood Dave Kimura Luke Stutters Guest Eric Berry Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Raygun | Click here to get started on your free 14-day trial  Links RR 428: Arming the Rebels with Rails 6 Featuring David Heinemeier Hansson | RR 324: Developer Horror Stories | Bug #15732 - Ruby master Picks Charles- Who Not How Charles- Focus Blocks Dave- Fertilizer for your garden Eric- Gitcoin Luke- Contact Charles: | Facebook Twitter: ( @devchattv ) Contact Dave: Ruby on Rails Screencasts Twitter

  • How to Get Hired at a FANG Company - BONUS

    28/05/2021 Duration: 22min

    Chuck explains what he taught Nathan last week when we asked how to get hired at a FANG (Facebook Apple/Amazon Netflix Google) company. Essentially, it boils down to how to build the skills and knowledge needed to pass the interview. How to build the relationships to get into the door and have the interviewer want you to succeed. And how to build the reputation that has the company wanting you regardless of the outcome. This approach also works for speaking at conferences, selling courses, and other outcomes as well as it's the core of building a successful career as an influencer. Panel Charles Max Wood

  • Upgrading from Sprockets to Webpacker with Ariel Juodziukynas - RUBY 499

    26/05/2021 Duration: 01h13min

    Ariel Juodziukynas joins the Rogues to talk about how to upgrade your Ruby on Rails application from Sprockets to Webpacker. Sprockets was introduced in Rails 3.1 to help you manage your static assets including JavaScript. Webpack came along to help manage JavaScript and eventually other assets later on and was adopted into Rails in version 5 and is now the preferred way to manage JavaScript assets in Ruby on Rails applications. Ariel has written a guide on how to move from Sprockets to Webpacker and discussed with the Rogues the pros, cons, and pitfalls of such a move in your applications. Panel John Epperson Luke Stutters Guest Ariel Juodziukynas Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Links Goodbye Dependabot Preview, hello Dependabot! How to Migrate your JavaScript from Sprockets to Webpacker Webpack VS Sprockets GitHub | fastruby/next_rails Phoenix.LiveView  Twitter: Ariel Juodziukynas ( @arieljuod ) Picks Ariel- GitHub | arielj/rails-new-app J

  • Developing your development - RUBY 498

    19/05/2021 Duration: 54min

    Mason McLead from shows us the editor-integrated suite of tools that help you become a better developer. We find out what music makes you code better (and worse), how data reveals the habits of the world's top coders and why Saturday is code day. Panel Charles Max Wood Dave Kimura Luke Stutters Guest Mason McLead  Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Raygun | Click here to get started on your free 14-day trial Links Software Top 40 LinkedIn- Mason Mclead Picks Charles- Fanatical Prospecting Charles- Who Not How Charles- Charles- Zapier Dave- J-B Weld  Luke- Rubyist Mason- Materialize Mason- Darn Tough Vermont Contact Charles: | Facebook Twitter: ( @devchattv ) Contact Dave: Ruby on Rails Screencasts Twitter: Dave Kimura ( @kobaltz ) GitHub: David Kimura ( kobaltz )

  • Building a UDP Server with Ruby Ractors with Claus Lensbøl - RUBY 497

    12/05/2021 Duration: 01h02min

    Claus Lensbøl is a Danish Devops engineer who built a UDP server using Ractors--a new feature in Ruby 3.0. Ractors is a method of getting concurrency in Ruby. It's what threads should have been to give us the ability to use multiple cores with one Ruby program without forking into multiple processes. Panel Charles Max Wood John Epperson Guest Claus Lensbøl Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Links Timeout: Ruby’s Most Dangerous API Creating a UDP server with Ruby Ractors Claus Lensbøl - Telecommunication Software Engineer Twitter: Claus Lensbøl ( @lensboel ) Picks Charles- Ruby Rogues | Charles- Who Not How Charles- Xero Accounting Software Charles- Checking in on people Claus- Help new people get into the community John- Google Pixel Phone John- OREO Dark Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

  • Becoming the Go-To Person in Your Technology Area - BONUS

    07/05/2021 Duration: 16min

    Chuck was on a strategic call with one of his potential coaching clients talking about cryptocurrencies and realized that this is one of the major reasons that people want to become influencers. Or, rather, that many people aspire to make a difference and/or make money and the best way to do that is to become the person people go to for what you do. So, how do you become the first person people think of when they think of that thing you know how to do? Let Chuck tell you. Panel Charles Max Wood

  • Why Write Rails View Tests with Nikola Đuza - RUBY 496

    05/05/2021 Duration: 57min

    We test our Rails Controllers, Models, Helpers, and Services. But, why don't we test our views? Nikola Đuza has started testing his and explains how he does it and what he's learned about the process. He also explains what confidence it's added for him when writing his Rails code. Panel Charles Max Wood Dave Kimura  Luke Stutters Guest Nikola Đuza Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Raygun | Click here to get started on your free 14-day trial  Links Why Write Rails View Tests Pragmatic Pineapple Twitter: Nikola Đuza ( @nikolalsvk ) GitHub: Nikola Đuza ( nikolalsvk ) Picks Charles- Get outside Charles- Go to a farm Charles- Go to nature Charles- Charles- Dev Influencers | Charles- She's in Tech | Dave-  Apple TV Dave- Parachute Toy Luke- Tonysa RJ45 Screw Terminal Adaptor, DVR Ethernet Connector  Luke- RFID & NFC Human Chip implants Nikola- iMac - Apple

  • Don't Let These Things Keep You From Podcasting - BONUS

    29/04/2021 Duration: 15min

    Charles talks about the things that get developers stuck when they're trying to start their podcast or other influencer channel. He explains how to get around having those things hamper your journey. Panel Charles Max Wood

  • Reflecting on Stimulus with Julian Rubisch - RUBY 495

    28/04/2021 Duration: 01h04min

    We talk with Julian about a few projects, including Stimulus, Stimulus Reflex, and SPAs and how they fit into our modern tech stacks. Panel Charles Max Wood John Epperson Luke Stutters Guest Julian Rubisch Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Links Ruby on Rails Drag and Drop Uploads with Active Storage, Stimulus.js and Dropzone.js GitHub | stimulus-use/stimulus-use StimulusReflex CableReady GitHub | julianrubisch/futurism GitHub: Julian Rubisch  Twitter: Julian Rubisch ( @julian_rubisch ) Picks Charles- Golf Charles- Charles- Charles- Dev Influencers | John- Ruby on Rails Drag and Drop Uploads with Active Storage, Stimulus.js and Dropzone.js John- Stimulus John- DEKUYPER HOT DAMN! 100 PROOF Julian- What Tech Calls Thinking by Adrian Daub Luke- Julian Rubisch on Apple Music Luke- GitHub | hexdigest/ruby-nfc

  • BONUS: Relationships Matter Most

    23/04/2021 Duration: 19min

    Charles Max Wood talks about how to build, grow, and benefit from positive relationships within programming. He talks about how he's built genuine positive relationships with hundreds of programmers and how he and others have grown from those relationships. He also explains that you get out of relationships what you put into them. Finally, he goes into how to begin to build relationships by building a system of influence you can use on behalf of the people you want relationships with. Panel Charles Max Wood

  • RUBY 494: Reducing Friction at the Authorization Layer with John Nunemaker

    21/04/2021 Duration: 57min

    Dave Kimura, Luke Stutters, and John Epperson talk with John Nunemaker about Rails Authorization. John dives into the Pundit and how he had created a wrapper around the authorization to provide meaningful messages to his application layer. Panel Dave Kimura John Epperson Luke Stutters Guest John Nunemaker Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Raygun | Click here to get started on your free 14-day trial  Links Rails: How to Reduce Friction at the Authorization Layer GitHub | palkan/action_policy FlipperCloud  Multiple Resources with Devise Picks Dave- Docker Desktop for Mac [Apple Silicon] Dave- Apple Mac M1 John E.- Archer C7 | AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router John N.- GitHub: Andrew Kane ( ankane ) John N.- GitHub | ankane/pghero Luke- $60 for an 800GB PCIe SSD, and it'll last forever???- YouTube Luke- Fans Luke- GitHub | picoruby/picoruby

  • BONUS: How Opportunities Come Your Way When You're an Influencer

    16/04/2021 Duration: 20min

    Charles Max Wood discusses several opportunities that came his way early in his podcasting career and other opportunities that have come to other people after only a couple of podcast episodes. He explains why that happens and how you can use this to create more influence as a developer. Panel Charles Max Wood

  • RUBY 493: The Things Rubyists Need to Know

    14/04/2021 Duration: 01h07min

    What do Rubyists need to know beyond the language fundamentals? What things about the language and its tooling will best serve developers working on projects in Ruby to help them navigate the code and avoid pitfalls that crop up in their apps. Luke, John, and Chuck walk through the ideas in within Ruby and the libraries and tools that ever Rubyist needs to understand in order to excel in their jobs. Panel Charles Max Wood John Epperson Luke Stutters Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Picks Charles- Dev Influencers | Charles- The Courier (2020) Charles- No Safe Spaces (2019) John- Trailblazer John- Find yourself a local butcher Luke- Getting free stuff Luke- Deleting your data Luke- Putting resistors in computer fans

  • BONUS: What is Charles Max Wood's Biggest Payoff for Being a Dev Influencer?

    09/04/2021 Duration: 31min

    Charles Max Wood started podcasting because it sounded fun and because he wanted to talk about technology. He learned pretty quickly that it got him access to people who understood the things he wanted to learn. The reasons changed over the years, as Charles explains before he talks about the big payoff he gets now from doing the podcasts. Panel Charles Max Wood

  • RUBY 492: Architectures and Microservices with Darren Broemmer

    07/04/2021 Duration: 01h04min

    Darren Broemmer joins the Rogues to discuss how Ruby on Rails enables a microservices architecture and when it's appropriate to approach your system's architecture with microservices. Chuck and Dave lend their experience and expertise in pointing out some of the challenges with microservices and the power of Rails in enabling the Majestic Monolith. Tradeoffs are discussed and approaches are considered for when parts of an application may make a good candidate for a microservice. Panel Charles Max Wood Dave Kimura Guest Darren Broemmer Sponsors Dev Influencers Accelerator Raygun | Click here to get started on your free 14-day trial Links Twitter: Darren Broemmer ( @DarrenBroemmer ) GitHub: Darren Broemmer ( dbroemme ) Picks Charles- ClickUp | One app to replace them all Charles- Dev Influencers | Darren- Paas Platform as a Service | Pass Solution - EngineYard Darren- AppLand Dave- Pactool Gecko Gauge Dave- drifting COBOL

  • BONUS: How Jason Weimann Became a Game Developer

    02/04/2021 Duration: 39min

    Jason Weimann started out as an enthusiast of the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, Everquest. After becoming a software developer and building a collaborative community playing the game, learn how he used his connections to get a job working for the company that made the game, even if it wasn't a job working as a game developer and how that led to a career working on one of the most popular online games of the time. Panel Charles Max Wood

  • RUBY 491: The Hidden Gems of Ruby

    31/03/2021 Duration: 58min

    Valentino Stoll takes us on a tour of the "gems" of features built into the core Ruby language. We explore tips and tricks for using irb that can also improve your Rails console. Panel Charles Max Wood John Epperson Luke Stutters Guest Valentino Stoll  Sponsors Dev Heroes Accelerator Links Dependency on mimemagic 0.3.x no longer valid  Add this `.irbrc` file and your Rails console will show a colorized banner with the environment | Twitter GitHub | pry/pry Ruby Jard Tree-sitter GitHub | ruby/ruby GitHub | ruby/reline GitHub | tree-sitter/tree-sitter GitHub | bcicen/ctop codenamev Twitter: Valentino Stoll ( @thecodenamev ) GitHub: Valentino Stoll ( codenamev ) Picks Charles- SodaStream Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Maker Bundle Charles- Soda Stream Flavor Syrups Charles- Teachable Charles- ThriveCart John- Char-Broil: 6-Burner Cart Style Gas Grill, Stainless/Black Luke- Dependency on mimemagic 0.3.x no longer valid 

  • BONUS: Continuing Your Learning Journey by Finding Mentors as an Influencer

    26/03/2021 Duration: 30min

    Chuck outlines how he's used his podcasts to find mentors to continue his learning journey over 12 years of podcasting. Some mentors have been long lived relationships while others have lasted only a few months or even days. This episode shares Chuck's experience learning from the top people in the development community as a programmer and podcaster. Panel Charles Max Wood

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