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  • 669 | Massive, world changing event starts today!

    669 | Massive, world changing event starts today!


    BTW, this episode if from a daily email I wrote in May of 2017: So, this week is moving week for me. A couple months ago I decided to make some huge life changes and this week I leave "the ordinary world" and I enter "the special world" of the Hero's Journey that author Joseph Campbell talks a lot about. I'm leaving my 6000 square foot home in a secret valley to move into a 1200 square foot apartment in the city in order to train for the first level of my new adventure. I've spent the last 2 months selling my house and donating 90% of my stuff. I'm going after a dream I've had since I was 19 and it's going to take everything I've learned and experienced to make it work. I believe that when you have a dream, you give your all towards achieving it. I believed it and went after it when I left my 6 figure career 14 years ago and ended up starting Internet Business Mastery and now it's time to do it again. Nothing is going to change with Internet Business Mastery. I'll still be doing these daily episode

  • 668 | Success is not for these type of people…

    668 | Success is not for these type of people…


    Here's a quote I ran across during my reading time yesterday. It comes from a man that studied some of the biggest successes in history. "Success is not for the lazy, procrastinating, or mercurial." ~Dean Keith Simonton There is a whole bunch more to that quote, but that part is the essence. It all boils down to, "take action now and keep going until you get the success you desire." That's it. Take action now: Jeremy Frandsen World Leader in Freedom Business Education

  • 667 | Let’s set a record today, together.

    667 | Let’s set a record today, together.


    I decided to set a record today and I can't do it without you. You know I'm big on small steps. The tiny, daily steps that lead to success. BUT, Today is not that day. Sometimes, it's time to go big or go home. Today IS that day. I want to set 2 records today with the Freedom Club. I want to set a record on how many people finally get the guts to join. I also want to set a record on how many people finally admit that this internet business thing is just a pipe dream and they stop listening to my show. The records are for definite YESes and NOs. If you are tired of all the excuses and are ready to use all the courage you have in your possession... If you are ready for a step by step system to help you gain the freedom you've wanted for a long time... If you want to be a part of a group of your peers that are ready to mastermind with you and be part of your journey if you so choose... If you KNOW you are a winner and are ready to prove it... Today is the day, it's time to come on in to the Freed

  • 666 | Bittersweet day…

    666 | Bittersweet day…


    Recently my youngest daughter moved out and is on her own. She's got her first apartment and is heading out into the world. I look back on her childhood with great satisfaction as I got to be there for everything. When she had a mid-afternoon music recital, I got to be there. Every soccer game, I got to be there. Every morning doctor's appointment, I got to take her. Every ballet performance, I got to be there. When she had an opportunity to go to Spain on a class trip, I could afford to take care of it. Anything at any time, I got to be there. My freedom business allowed that to happen. It wouldn't have been the case with my old job, I barely got to see her. When she was really young, I would just barely make it home to see her go to bed or on the weekends, then I took the chance and started my freedom business. That one choice changed the lives of everyone I'm close to. A freedom business opened my life to live the way I wanted to all while helping others achieve the same lifestyle if they ha

  • 665 | The sheriff was called in… again!

    665 | The sheriff was called in… again!


    Sadly, I'm not getting as many of the following emails, I think it's cause I've weeded so many of these type of people off my list. I love weeding people off my list almost as much as I like finding the right people to join the Freedom Club family. I got this email a couple days ago and as always, there is a lesson in here. Here is the email and my comments will follow. "4 Letter Words give me 4 reasons to Unsubscribe. Unprofessional Unethical (suspect) Unwise (why swear when you do not know who your audience is) Un excusable" ~Keith ----I​ don't believe for 1 second this guy was a potential customer, but I will answer his email in order to share with you how to handle people with victim mentalities. This guy wanted any excuse not to take the first steps to start a freedom business, so he picked the fact that I said a "bad" word in the daily email he is responding to. I put that bad word in there to make sure people like him get off my list and don't waste my time buying my products just to refu

  • 664 | Unemployable within 24 hours!

    664 | Unemployable within 24 hours!


    I'm embarrassed to admit this, but there was a time I didn't know that just anyone could start a business! It's strange to think of now when nearly all my friends are self-made business owners, but I really had no idea. I was so focused on ambitiously climbing the corporate ladder and proud of being in a little office rather than a cubicle, I just had no idea how businesses were started and who could start them. I was years ahead of schedule in my career climb, though I didn't enjoy my job or being employed. Then one Friday, about 15 years ago, a fellow ambitious "climber" came into my office. "Hey man, I have something that is going to knock your socks off." He said. "Oh yeah..." I said, incredulously. "It's a book..." He said, while fishing it out of his bag. My eyes lit up. Even back then I loved reading. He found the book and handed it to me. It was a bit beat up and the paperback spine was bent in a hundred places. "Rich Dad, Poor Dad. What is it?" I said. "Just read it and tell me wh

  • 663 | Blood, sweat, and tears just for you…

    663 | Blood, sweat, and tears just for you…


    It's true, I get a fair amount of whiny excuses emails from people riddled with fear, doubt, and victim mentality. I focus on more of those in these daily podcasts, because I think my answers can help you too. That isn't the only type of email I get. I also get a lot of 'Thank you' emails. I'm going to start sharing some of them, because many times they have lessons that could help you too. Here's one with my comments to follow. See if you can spot the lesson before I pull it out and inspect it. "Thanks for this fantastic course and for making it so affordable that I could not afford NOT to take advantage of it. I am no longer employed by someone else, and I need to get this going. Your work here is just what I need." ~Steve ----When I made the crazy decision to take all 10 of our extremely expensive, high end, step by step courses and put them into ONE membership site I had business friends that thought I was being stupid. We've made almost 8 figures with the courses at the higher price. We

  • 662 | Sometimes you need a day off…

    662 | Sometimes you need a day off…


    ...But that day is not today. You want a freedom business, today is the day you get started. You’ve had plenty of days off. You don’t get freedom by wishing for it. Earn your freedom right now: Jeremy Frandsen World Leader in Freedom Business Education

  • 661 | Let Big Daddy Cool hook you up.

    661 | Let Big Daddy Cool hook you up.


    Man, I get a lot of emails now. I don't want every single email or podcast episode being me just answering the endless barrage of questions, but I will answer once or twice a week based on if I think it applies to you. Here is the question, but it's my answer that is important. My answer will follow... "I dont know how to sell other company products and get a percentage. Plus I dont know how to handle the shipping part from my site because what if I dont charge the same as the company?" ~Greg ----This is an extremely easy question to answer. Questions like these came up for me 100 times a day, when I started. The constant frustration of having all these questions and having no answers is tiring. I was dying for an all-in-one, step by step course when I started. There were a couple that claimed to be, low these 14 or so years ago, I invested in them. I got tired of doing it alone and I bought the courses. They always left me with more questions than answers… I frigging hated that. I also hat

  • 659 | The WRONG question…

    659 | The WRONG question…


    There's a question I get all the time and it is a sure sign of someone that is going to quit. I totally understand why someone would be curious about the answer, and in the past I'd say the question was unanswerable. After over 13 years of running my own businesses and helping others start and build theirs, I realize there is an answer. An obvious answer. But, it's not the answer 'get rich quickers' want to know, so now I MUST answer it to weed them out. The question is: "How long does it take to create a profitable freedom business?" I use to say the answer was, "It depends..." It depends on what market you pick. It depends on what business system you follow. It depends on how much time you put into it. It depend on how serious you are about starting it. It depends on if you have grit. It depends on your interest in your audience. It depends... "How long does it take to create a profitable freedom business?" My answer now is, "When you create enough value for a very specific audience that t

  • 658 | Get lucky now.

    658 | Get lucky now.


    Last year I got really lucky. I decided to take a huge risk and start a brand new business. I decided part of the plan was to sell my huge home, as part of doing what it took to get a dream I’d secretly had since I was 19. By pure chance, the market was hot, hot, hot. A few weeks after putting my house on the market, a bidding war started. I got a lot more out of my house than I ever expected. Sometimes, you just get lucky. I didn't plan on selling in a hot market. I was just doing what I needed to do and selling my house was the first part of the plan. When you get a surprise visit from luck, you have to throw a huge party for luck and hope it stays a while. I saw that luck had come with the hot housing market and I did everything I could to help a bidding war happen. You have to USE luck when it comes. You happen to be getting a visit from luck RIGHT NOW. When I started my first internet business, back in 2004, there wasn't anything step by step when it comes to starting a freedom business.

  • 657 | You can only have one.

    657 | You can only have one.


    I was watching a TEDtalk on Youtube yesterday. It was from an author I was currently reading. It was great. A 3rd wave feminist complaining video showed up in the list of video recommendations on the right hand side, I'm not sure why Normally, I can withstand the temptation to watch such time sucks... I watched it. About halfway through I got a text and picture from a friend of mine. He had just gotten up the mountain to Machu Picchu. I've talked about this friend before. He is the one that started and owns a family bank, all with the proceeds of his freedom business. I asked him if it was hard getting to the Inca ruin site, one of the new seven wonders of the world. I had heard it can be a real pain. I'm not a world traveler, so I only retain the nightmare stories when it comes to world travelling. He said, "Ya, stuff went wrong and I loved every minute of it all. I'm standing in Machu Picchu!" I had just watched a video of a screeching harpy complaining about not getting enough free stuff

  • 656 | Using Military secrets to get what you want.

    656 | Using Military secrets to get what you want.


    I'm currently working on a new set of goals. Mostly they are around my new business idea I'm working on and a few are upgrading some personal goals I made last year. One part of the goal setting process I don't hear any internet business people talking about is something I learned in the Army. I drove troop transport vehicles in the Army. I did it for college money, being as I was to poor to even know there were scholarships, grants, and school loans… more on that another time. I drove my troop transport vehicles for a special forces group up in Washington State. The special forces guys were crazy! The stuff I saw... I can't believe what these guys can do. One thing that wasn't shocking, but was simply amazing was how they planning out their missions. One aspect I loved was called the Backwards Planning Method. Whenever they had a mission, they would start at the clear end state (goal/target) and plan everything they could think of BACK to the start position. Does that make sense? Instead of s

  • 655 | An inside look at a success mindset.

    655 | An inside look at a success mindset.


    Every couple of days I jump into the Freedom Club exclusive, private mastermind group. It's extremely expiring to see what club members are up to. I love seeing the success mindset growing as members help each other, share breakthroughs, and just spend time with other future freedom business owners. Here's a winner doing what it takes to succeed: "Today I escaped the 9 - 5. I just left the office of a job I was unhappy in for the last time. I've recently taken the opportunity to take a job (that I enjoy) that will earn me the same income in 16hrs a week instead of 40 and those extra hours are going straight into my Freedom Business. It's not THE step, but it's A step and I'm celebrating! Thank you all for your help getting to this milestone, even if at this point it's just from a physiological perspective." ~Tim ---I love seeing Tim doing what it takes to deserve the success that he's building. Just seeing the world in a different way can make stuff like this possible. The thought, how can I magical

  • 654 | The first big question you *must* answer…

    654 | The first big question you *must* answer…


    A few months ago I opened the Freedom Club. As you have heard the response was exciting! There was one question I got enough times that I thought I’d answer it here. “What **type** of business does the Freedom Club teach?” Fantastic question! My first answer is, “The best type!” That’s no joke but more on that in a minute. By **type** what people mean is what is the business model. Is it a physical products business I’ll be selling on Amazon? Is it a coaching business? Will I have a blog? Will I have to do a podcast? Do I need to do a bunch of videos for Youtube? Will I have to get over my fear of speaking and get on stage and sell? Let me start at the beginning, the business I teach is a Relationship Business. What do I mean by that? I mean that it’s about getting clear on the lifestyle you want, the audience you want to create for, and the Value Cycle relationship between you and that audience. Everything you do will be about your lifestyle and that relationship with your

  • 653 | Reality is a bitter pill for some…

    653 | Reality is a bitter pill for some…


    Boy, I'll tell you what... Anytime I talk about what it takes to succeed, the whiny snowflakes come out to do their thing. Here is an email I got yesterday that I'm going to use to help you with your mindset. As condescending and 'fixed' mindset as it is, I'm going to take a crack at it. My comments will follow her SJW rant. "You come across as very judgmental. I'm not sure if you're open to feedback, but I recommend that you read Carol Dweck's book Mindset for some tips on how to use language that is less based on praise and intimidation. That is, unless your intention is to communicate that only "smart, non-lazy" people will buy your product. I wish you the best with your business. I hope you read that book, and you put more of your best self out into the world. There are many people you can help. I'm sure you have something wonderful to offer. Keep putting in effort and trying new tactics." Janna --I don't just come across as judgmental, I am. We all are. You are. You just

  • 652 | Is this your excuse?

    652 | Is this your excuse?


    Not long ago I asked what was in the way of you joining the Freedom Club and here is just one of the answers I received. This one is a general excuse about time. Here are a couple replies, then I'll comment after each one. "Too much to do! Every time I do one thing I, I need to do 5 other things to figure out how to do the first thing right..." ~Sarah --Look, saying you're too business isn't a time problem, it's a priority problem. What you're really saying is that you've not made making a freedom business a priority yet. When I got started I had a mortgage, 12 hour days at work including drive time, a wife and 2 young kids, and two dogs. I understand the excuse, but during that time I also watched a lot of movies and TV shows and even somehow had time to play some video games. I had no time, until I made escaping the rat race the highest priority I could. With that in mind, the Freedom Club is designed to get through with just 30 minutes a day. If that's too much for you in the start, just do 15

  • 651 | The poor will never live forever…

    651 | The poor will never live forever…


    Last night I was cruising around the internet and I landed on one of the futurist blogs I enjoy. Every time I get in futurist/transhumanist/biotech surf mode I find something fascinating and shocking. Last night was no exception. What I found was that there is now a device that doctors can put on your heart to make it keep beating indefinitely. This device is still in the testing phase but it would nearly end heart failure. With heart disease being the number one cause of death and heart failure being a huge portion of heart disease this device could mean a much longer lifespan for many people. This is the kind of thinking that continues to help me focus all my time and attention on entrepreneurs like you. When I think of having the possibility of another 20-50 years of life past what is currently the norm, I don't want to be stopped because I'm poor. I don't want to be stopped because I have a crappy job that doesn't have good insurance and I don't have the money to take advantage of the n

  • 650 | Success is not in the cards for these two

    650 | Success is not in the cards for these two


    I've gotten a couple emails from audience members I want to share with you. They are a warning for how NOT to do it if you want success. I'll comment after each of their emails: "I would like to be take off the email list." ~Michael S. --Done! Just so you know my first goal with my daily emails and this daily podcast it to get the losers, freeloaders, and whiners to unsubscribe. As you know, I say get to the NO first. You want to scrub your list of these people. This guy clearly grabbed the opt-in bonus I gave and has no plans on joining the Freedom Club. He also isn't smart enough to click the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of every email. This is a freeloading loser. I get these emails from time to time and I am more than happy to dump a freeloader and I celebrate when they leave. They are taking up space that I'd rather a winner take. BTW, the second goal of these emails and daily podcast is to help the winners join the Freedom Club. I only want winners since we have private, members-onl

  • 649 | The pursuit of freedom starts with these…

    649 | The pursuit of freedom starts with these…


    This morning, when I was writing my daily email, my oldest daughter was up early practicing the cello. I normally like dead silence when I'm writing, but the feeling of being a proud father overtook the desire for early morning quiet. Why? Cause she's taking the daily, small steps it takes to be good at something she loves. She chooses to get up early all on her own. Normally she takes the small step of practicing much later in the day, but she is totally busy all day and the only time she could stick to her plan was to get up as early as I do. She did it and that was why I could hear her practicing as I was writing. Taking these *small steps* everyday is why she is so good at the cello and is only getting better. **She gets extra point for practicing the main theme song for the epic show, the Game of Thrones! The second key to success is taking small, daily steps, the first step is knowing what steps to take. Check out the Freedom Club to get THE step by step plan for the freedom you want right n

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