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  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 19 Tournoi du Arbmos pt 5 Visions in the Night (It's Sais Fault)

    20/10/2021 Duration: 01h43min

    Hail and well met Adventurers!After a very long hiatus the P.U.G.S. crew is back with more new episodes of your favorite adventuring group!  After the parties encounter with the mighty morphin power specters they head towards the inn for a brief respite before Morgrims encounter with his former lover Lieutenant Baker.  But as they say there is no rest for the wicked and the party will soon find themselves finding out the hard way as to why that saying is true.

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 18 Tournoi du Arbmos pt 4 Called Home

    30/06/2021 Duration: 01h29min

    Hail and well met Adventurers!The tournaments first round has concluded with Morgrim making it past a brutal first round by taking out the disguised Kun-Ghar.  Afterwards there was a betrayal of the highest degree by none other than the spoony bard Sai Burglecut!  It seems that Sai has moved on to greener pastures and has thrown his lot in with Silver Moon who seems to have received a bye for most of the tournament!  Seirryth has formed more of a bond with Kun-Ghar after his loss to Morgrim, Aldon has found himself hurt by Sais betrayal but full of determination to see Morgrim successful, and Morgrim has discovered that he will soon be squaring off with Lt. Baker.  Does Sai have ulterior motives for joining Moon?  Will the party forgive him for his transgressions?  Will party run into more ghost shenanigans ?  Find out this and more on this weeks episode!

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 17 Tournoi du Arbmos pt 3 Bard Off

    16/06/2021 Duration: 01h52min

    Hail and well met adventurers!Morgrim has overcome his first tourney battle in an epic showdown with the Masked Marauder, which turned out being a disguised Kun-Ghar!  The first day of combat continues with the party being able to see the other competitors and what tricks they may have up their proverbial sleeves.  Seirryth continues their infiltration of the nobles viewing area to try and get Morgrim an upper hand, Aldon works on healing Morgrims injuries, and Sai doubts his contributions to the party as a whole.  Who will be Morgrims next opponent?  Will Sai shake the funk before Morgrims next fight?  Will the party figure out who the Masked Marauder actually is?  Find out this and more in the exciting episode!

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 16 Tournoi du Arbmos pt 2 1st Blood

    21/04/2021 Duration: 01h44min

    Hale and well met Adventurers!Our heroes are in Morgrims home city of Ürsnæ as representatives of King Ferdinand.  Morgrim has passed the stage of the battle royal for the tournament and has come to his first challenge of fighting the Masked Maurader.  Will Morgrim overcome his challenge?  Will Seirryth be able to blend in with the nobles now that the King is with them?  Will Sai and Aldon be able to secure Morgrims victory with their support?  Find out this and more in this weeks episode!

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 15 Tournoi du Arbmos pt 1

    07/04/2021 Duration: 02h41min

    Hale and well met Adventurers!Our party is getting ready for the upcoming tournament to determine the King of Ürsnæ and Morgrim has other things on his mind...  Such as the appearance of his dead brother Hakon outside the tavern window!  Will Morgrim confront his brother or is it just nerves getting to him?  Will Seirryth be able to blend in with the Nobles to get public opinion to change on their dear friend Morgrim? Will Aldon finally gather the courage to talk with Sorrow?  Find out this and more in the beginning of our Tournament Arc!

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 14 Gh-Gh-Ghosts!?

    10/03/2021 Duration: 01h22min

    Hale and well met Adventurers!The party is in Ürsnæ and getting ready for the Tournament to crown the king and honor the god Arbmos.  Morgrim has been on a proverbial roller coaster of emotions as he has encountered not only his former lover, the king, his father, but also his dead brother all in the span of a day!  King Ferdinand sent the party here to participate in the tournament in his stead but also to investigate the weird phenomenon of the dead appearing, since spirits and specters aren't a thing in Aezeron, and Aldon and Sorrow encountered one of these spirits with Aldon getting nearly taken out in the process.  Why are spirits appearing in Ürsnæ?  Will Morgrim qualify for the tournament?  Will Sai’s debauchery catch up to haunt him?  Find out right meow!

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 13 A Heroes Welcome

    24/02/2021 Duration: 01h43min

    Hail and well met Adventurers!The party has finally made it to Ürsnæ after much sidetracking, to Seirryths chagrin.  What awaits the party after being sent by King Ferdinand?  Will Morgrim be welcomed back after his two year exile?  Will Sorrow find her brother?  Tune in to find out.

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 12 A Town called Malice conclusion

    10/02/2021 Duration: 01h53min

    Hail and well met Adventurers!The party has been chilling out, maxing, and relaxing all cool in the hot springs resort of Mal Ice for a day while the vicious snow storm continues to blow outside of the town.  But something seems off about this paradise in the blizzard.  The adventurers in this town seem to come to relax and never leave, all by choice it seems.  Everyone is friendly and looks to be having a great time, the food is delicious, everyone is hospitable making the party more than a little uncomfortable.  Upon checking out the area further they found a secret cave that holds a telepathic gem that has called them to this area to ask for help.  Just then the proprietor of the hot springs shows up with a mob of people.  What awaits our party as they get hit with that familiar fight or flight response, let’s find out.

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 11 A Town called Mal Ice Pt 2

    27/01/2021 Duration: 02h19min

    Hail and well met Adventurers!The party has awoken from their wild and crazy night and are in the mood for breakfast?  At least Sai is but Serriyth, Morgrim, and Aldon are growing ever more suspicious of this quaint resort town.  What will the party have for breakfast?  What rest and relaxation will they truly receive? And why don’t they just believe that the DM is just giving them a place to relax on their journey?

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 10 A Town called Mal Ice

    06/01/2021 Duration: 01h24min

    Hail and well met Adventurers!The party has braved the frozen tundra of Ürsnæ and have found themselves in a snowstorm!  Just then Sai conveniently stumbles into a wooden sign signaling that there is a nearby resort town.  The party is allowed a respite from the hellish conditions outside but only if they surrender their weapons, it being a resort town and all.  Will the party get their R and R?  Will Sai be able to overcome his vices?  Will Morgrim actually have the best beard in the resort?  Find out this and more on this weeks episode!

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 9 Morgrim Dead?!

    24/12/2020 Duration: 01h34min

    Hey there adventurers,I hope these days find you well.  The party is in a pickle as they always are and Morgrim has gone and got himself killed, smashed to bits with a cave in  of the old temple the party had discovered previously.  Seirryth is back to their normal, non bunny selves but they are all digging as hard and as fast as they can to see if Morgrim somehow survived the cave in.  Will the party find Morgrim safe and sound or will they find him his remains?  

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 8 A Furry Situation

    09/12/2020 Duration: 01h46min

    The party has discovered a long forgotten temple and Seirryth has been turned into a cute little bunny rabbit for failing to solve a puzzle.  Frustrated and left with their feelings of dejection and failure they now leave it up to the rest of the party to overcome the trials of the temple and find a way to reverse the curse holding their friend in quite the furry situation.  Will the party save their friend?  Will Sai find the correct note to fulfill his opus?  Will Aldon turn his back on his friends (spoiler alert: he won't)?

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 7 The Forgotten Temple

    26/11/2020 Duration: 01h59min

    The party has grown by one as Tiefling Sorrow joins the group in a quest of her own, which is to find her brother Fury who's last known whereabouts are Ürsnæ.  The party is heading Northwards when they encounter an old middle aged man in search of his brother who disappeared shortly after the discovery of an old temple ruins.  Will the party help this old middle aged man?  Will a trap befall them?  Will they solve a puzzle?  Find out in this weeks episode.

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 6 The Web of Deceit

    11/11/2020 Duration: 01h27min

    Hale and well met Adventurers!The party has fallen for the Witches trap and are now in the fight of their lives!  With the party facing this monstrous witch will they survive or be turned into snacks caught in the spiders web?  Find out in this exciting episode!

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 5 Burn it with FIRE

    28/10/2020 Duration: 01h58min

    Welcome back adventurers!The party has decided to save the imprisoned Tiefling named Sorrow, but in order to do that they have made a deal to find the Mayors brother and son for the Tieflings freedom.  Last they were seen they were hunting in the Spider Woods. Will the party find the mayors kin before the set deadline or will they get caught in the Spiders Web?

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 4: New Beginnings

    14/10/2020 Duration: 02h00s

    In this episode the party sets out on their journey of friendship as they head towards Morgrims home kingdom of Ursnae, where he was exiled from long ago, on a request from King Aomari Ferdinand himself.  Morgrim is to enter the Royal Tournament for a chance at kinghood since Ferdinand cannot go himself.  But the journey will be long and perilous.  Will the everlasting friendship tour continue or will it crash and burn?

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 3: God save the Queen

    30/09/2020 Duration: 02h34s

    After a brief respite, the party continues their trek through the Queens Colony in search of the raiders that have infiltrated the hive and encounter their first boss fight!  Will the party survive?  Will the Bard live to sing another tale?  Find out in this weeks exciting episode of Tales of Aezeron!

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 2 The Queens Colony

    16/09/2020 Duration: 01h50min

    Our party plays tour guide for the Heroes of the Age and they bring them to the Queens Colony where they come across a heated battle between a horde of goblins and some Giant Bees.  This is the party's chance to shine in front of the Heroes in their first battle.  Will they surprise and delight or will they perish before even getting their own adventure started?  Find out in this weeks episode of Tales of Aezeron!

  • Tales of Aezeron Ep 1 The Beginning Journey

    02/09/2020 Duration: 01h43min

    WELCOME to our Maiden Voyage!  In this episode our players begin in a tavern called the Busy Bee where they are recollecting their various life choices that brought them here, when all of a sudden they get a notice that the heroes of the age have arrived...

  • P.U.G.S. S2 Ep 9 Homecoming Special

    18/09/2019 Duration: 01h08min

    In this episode we talk about things... I'll let you find out so give it a listen.Also please forgive the audio quality in this episode.  We took the show on the road for this episode and weren't in our usual space, so the audio is a bit wonky...  Forgiveness Please!