Keith Barr Ministries



Our MinistryFor more than 40 years God has used Keith Gino Barr. He has answered the call of God upon his life to reach the world for Jesus Christ. With a ministry that spans the globe Keith Barr has ministered to multitudes through radio, television, books and mass revivals. This anointed conference speaker, lecturer and preacher has reached multitudes through his ministry. By speaking in churches auditoriums and college campuses both here and abroad, Keith Gino Barr has proven to be one of the world's best resources for scientific explanations of the books of the Bible. The Bible makes many scientific statements that most people have overlooked and ignored for centuries. Reverend Barr has accounted scientifically for some our civilizations biggest mysteries..How did God create the earth? What happened to the dinosaurs? Is there scientific evidence for the Biblical Flood? ...And many more