Vocalo Overdrive Podcast



Excepts from Vocalo's afternoon show hosted by Luis Antonio Perez & Shantell Jamison


  • Tues 3-6-2012 Closing of Fisk and Crawford plant & Steve Boriga of the Chicago Reader


    Shows are posted in segments. Segment A Introduction Introduction of show, Faith Bugel of the Environmental Law & Policy Center, Kimberly Wasserman Nieto of the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, and Steve Bogira of the Chicago Reader on his latest story “The Color of His Skin” Segment B Faith Bugel ELPC Faith Bugel was the […]

  • Mon 3-5-2012: Social Media Addicting, Super Tuesday Preview, Happy Birthday Chicago, Casmir Pulaski Day


    Vocalo Overdrive will now be segmented Segment A Audio Introduction Segment B Audio  The University of Chicago Booth School of Business say that social networking is more addicting than cigarettes and alcohol. Segment C Audio Teasing Next Segment about Super Tuesday Segment D Audio Super Tuesday conversation with GOP Strategist Lenny McAllister Segment E Audio […]

  • Thurs 1-12 Sonya Clark Black Hair Confederate Flag


    Shantell and Luis speak with Sonya Clark about her new exhibit “Black Hair Flag”. Luis performs his rendition of Reg e. Gain’s Please Don’t Take my Jordan’s Away. Later on Shantell interviews ChicagoNow Mary Tyler Mom blogger Sheila Quirke about her stance on the cancer awareness bald Barbie doll. Post Audio

  • Weds 1-11 Kaori Nik Model Art Collection


    Shantell and Luis discuss Kaori Nik’s Model Art Collection show which combines community, fashion and design. They also talk with her about the viral video “Sh*t White Girls Say… To Black Girls” Post Audio

  • Tues 1-10 Sarah Karp Longer School Days, Wall Street Bonuses


    Shantell and Luis talk with Catalyst Chicago reporter Sarah Karp about the Mayor Emanuel’s push for a longer 7.5 hour CPS school day and why the Chicago Teachers Union opposes it. They also touch on the wall street employees that are demanding bigger bonuses and threatening to quit. Post Audio

  • Mon 1-9 Derogatory Receipt Comments and Beyonce’s Baby


    Shantell and Luis discuss derogatory Asian comments found on receipts and stereotypes, and Lily B calls in about these topics. They also cover trending topics concerning Beyonce’s baby and drinking in English parliament. Post Audio

  • Fri 1-6 Book of Revelation


    Shantell and Luis speak with Reverend James V. Smith, assistant professor of religious studies at Depaul University, about the Book of Revelation and end of the world claims, and caller Kelly responds. Later on in the show they cover Rick Santorum and other political news. Post Audio

  • Thurs 1-5 Mistaken Deportation


    Luis and Shantell speak with Maria Zamudio of The Chicago Reporter about the recent mistaken deportation in Texas. Later in the show they discuss the new “Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls” viral video with local comedian Clark Jones. Post Audio

  • Weds 1-4 Rick Santorum Women and Sports


    Luis and Shantell talk about Rick Santorum’s Iowa Caucus tie with Mitt Romney and later with Kim and Dana of the Windy City Rollers about women and sports. Post Audio

  • Tues 1-3 New Year’s Resolutions, Republican Iowa Caucuses


    Luis and Shantell in the first show of 2012. Post Audio