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  • Blood Gold, and Illegal Mining Activity on The Amazon

    Blood Gold, and Illegal Mining Activity on The Amazon

    17/03/2020 Duration: 31min

    Luis Fernandez, director of CINCIA For this show, we had at the station CINCIA’s director Luis E. Fernandez. He is the Executive Director of the Amazon Scientific Innovation Center and Assistant Professor of Research (CINCIA), Department of Biology, Wake Forest University. Fernandez is a tropical ecologist and an expert in the dynamics and impact of environmental mercury in the areas of artisanal mining. During the last 12 years, he has carried out several research studies on the effects of mercury pollution in Peru and Brazil and consulted with governments of Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Colombia. Previously, he has held positions at the Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford University, the Argonne National Laboratory of the United States Department of Energy, the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) in Washington DC and Dallas, Texas. The presence of mercury in the Amazon region has been studied since the 1980s– mainly in Brazil– due to the exploitation of gold. In Madre de Dios, gold mining

  • People of the Amazon to Meet at Stanford in a Plea to Save It

    People of the Amazon to Meet at Stanford in a Plea to Save It

    10/05/2017 Duration: 14min

    This month, representatives from different tribes, ethnicities, and countries of the Amazonian rainforest and other rainforests of South America will meet at Stanford University. They will be brought by efforts from different organizations inside and outside Stanford. Dr. Jose Fragoso, from the California Academy of Sciences They will be talking about way to save the rainforest and their land rights. They will talk about the state of their homes and their tribes, and exchange knowledge with researchers, academics, and other institutions. To talk about this our guest is Dr. Jose Fragoso. He is a researcher at the California Academy of sciences, and also a professor at Stanford university. Dr. Fragoso has been with us in the show before and will be back soon. He spends many months a year researching new species in the Brazilian Amazon and studying ways to preserve its environment. He also has great experience sharing ideas and learning about different Native Tribes of the south American Rainforest. Listen to ou

  • The State of Latino Entrepreneurship

    The State of Latino Entrepreneurship

    25/04/2017 Duration: 49min

    Natassia Rodriguez, Research Analyst The growth in the number of Latino-owned firms in the United States is outpacing growth in number among other firms in the nation. In fact, the five-year average growth rate in the number of Latino firms has remained at double or triple that of the national average for the past fifteen years. All this growth presents a great opportunity to expand the U.S. economy, and data shows the importance of Latino new businesses in the whole economy. Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative has been doing research about the state of Latino entrepreneurship and small businesses for the last two years. Their latest research surveyed a national sample of over 4,900 Latino-owned businesses. To talk about SLEI’s research and about its presentation this year at the Oberndorf Event Center at Stanford, we invited Tiq Chapa, Program Manager, and Natassia Rodriguez Ott,  Research Analyst from Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (SLEI). Tiq Chapa, Program Manager Stanford Latino Entr

  • Bringing The Love of STEM to All Girls

    Bringing The Love of STEM to All Girls

    11/01/2017 Duration: 35min

    Founder and Executive Director Maria Celier Today show is a conversation with María Célérier, founder and Executive Director of the foundation “Kids Vission”. They main mission is to engage girls into STEM education. They started with the vision that that girls in Silicon Valley need to know how STEAM is applied in real life, and suggested offering girls in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades an after school program that would show them how some of the most innovative companies in the Valley apply STEAM. This program could is primarily funded by several high-tech companies and hosts inside their headquarters, where employees from different companies volunteer as mentors and role models for leadership skills and STEAM-related careers. Celier earned a Master of Business Administration at HEC-Paris and a Bachelor of International Relations at the Universidad de las Americas-Puebla. Her job experience in the Bay Area has been focused on helping children, youth and adults to improve their lives through education–at Renaissan

  • Vino with Amigos Binds us Together Through Wine Culture

    Vino with Amigos Binds us Together Through Wine Culture

    15/11/2016 Duration: 49min

    Today we are talking with Ramon and Becky Sandoval from “Vino with Amigos” events and “Vino Latino”. They have a company that helps promote a variety of wines from Napa and Sonoma Valley, making emphasis in the contributions that Latinos made on the production of this wines, while spreading their knowledge of wine introductions and oenophila. Wine has been an important part in history of humans. Long time ago people used to ferment plants to drink mostly because their water were not safe to drink, but with that first intent a whole culture of wines and foods was created, intertwineing tradicions and history. Many poets had written about wine and the world around it. Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges on his Sonnet to Wine said: In what kingdom, in what century, under what silent conjunction of the stars, on what secret day that stone has not preserved, emerged the valiant and singular idea of inventing mirth and play ? With autumns of gold it was created. Wine flows red along with the generations and on the

  • Rosie the Closer and Her “Latina Success Network”

    Rosie the Closer and Her “Latina Success Network”

    24/10/2016 Duration: 38min

    Today we are talking with  Rosalinda Zepeda, A.K.A. “Rosy The Closer”, a Mexican American that excels in the field of negotiations. Since an early age, Zepeda has been able to master the art of closing deals. She has also developed different workshops to help professionals to be more successful in their negotiations thru her company “The Latina Success Network“. LSN helps small business owners to grow their companies but also helps new professionals to enter the workforce with a leverage towards leadership. All LSN workshops are focused on helping young latinos and minority to expand their opportunities. Some of LSN of the workshops offered are “The LSN Start-Up Academy” and the “LSN Communication Academy”. Both designed with the same mission of  creating a premier community for business, professional and self-development for Latina professionals, entrepreneurs and those in between. Listen to our show to learn more about their plans, their programs, their achievements and their history. Remember to leave a co

  • Kiwa Summit, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Ecuador

    Kiwa Summit, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Ecuador

    24/10/2016 Duration: 18min

    Today we are talking from Stanford, all the way with Ecuador, and with a Snack company that has expanded their mission to help other companies to grow and innovate. We are talking about KIWA, and KIWA Investment Summit. The KIWA Investment Summit intends to harness the spirit of innovation, sustainability, culture and community. Their plan is to connect Latin American enterprises generating the right environment for their success. We are talking with Martin Acosta, founder and CEO of KIWA who is going to tell us more about this mission and their future plans. Acosta has created the summit inspired by other international summits he attended and benefited from in the past, and he has successfully helped many other companies to grow and succeed. With one of his creative future plans, he has organized a post-summit adventure for investors and entrepreneurs to explore natural features with vigorous activities in the wild. During these experiences, they will bond and explore their responses to stressful situations

  • Startup Chile and the Foundation of Chilecon Valley

    Startup Chile and the Foundation of Chilecon Valley

    05/10/2016 Duration: 22min

    Today our guest is Startup Chile, and for that, we are talking directly from Stanford with its executive director Rocio Fonseca in Santiago de Chile. Startup Chile is a seed incubator that the Government of Chile founded to inspire and engage innovation in Latin America and Chile itself. It receives over two hundred companies and projects each year, from 77 different countries, and every continent. In the last few years, Startup Chile had benefit thousands, giving an opportunity for more than 1,000 companies, attracting 16,000 applicants and creating what is now know as Chilecon Valley. Through their three programs, they may provide their applicants with money, guidance, network or exposure to investors. Their primary goal is to diversify the economy that had been growing mostly the agricultural industry, the mining industry, and astronomic research but moving it into other fields. One premise is that even when the companies have international reach, they must also bring benefits to the Chilean society. Anoth

  • Latino Community Foundation and The Giving Circles

    Latino Community Foundation and The Giving Circles

    05/10/2016 Duration: 23min

    Today our guest is the Latino Community Foundation CEO Jacqueline Martinez Garcel. LCF have been growing exponentially in the last years helping the community and inspiring many to be part of their effort. Their programs have helped thousands, and they are planning on helping many more. One of their programs is the “Latino Giving Circle,” where regular members of the society get together to join forces with others for the common good, spreading wealth and education in worthy causes. A few years ago I interviewed the Latino Community Foundation when they were just launching their first Latino Giving Circle. Right now they have successfully established 14 and have started many others. Their plan is to raise the number to a thousand giving circles all around the state. Networking event for Latino Giving Circle Members The Latino Giving Circle are small groups with 10 to 50 members that network and get together to raise money, to bring their funds and to choose the best cause that fit their interest. They pay an

  • Save our Library! a Yelp by Stockton Community

    Save our Library! a Yelp by Stockton Community

    20/09/2016 Duration: 22min

    Sofia Colon, Library Activist Today our show is Called “Save our Library!”, and it is a conversation with Sofia Colon, native of Stockton, California and library activist. As the city of stockton filed for bankruptcy few years ago, it stopped many of their services. Libraries and public parks got cut our of the budget, as they tried to work towards financial solvency. Now, few years later, a group of concerned and afected citizens are trying to get their library back, and restore some of the services they lost. Measure “M” is trying to establish and secure funds for libraries inside Stockton. Stockton has ove 300,000 people, and it is very wide with no good public transportation. For kids, elderly and lower income families to get to another library too far from their home has proven to complicated. The centralization of all the libraries in the city to few in Down Town leaves a lot of the population unserved. This is a real problem for many, as the library has always lend services in multiple ways to the popu

  • “Es Tiempo” and The Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit

    “Es Tiempo” and The Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit

    20/09/2016 Duration: 27min

    Today I am talking with Frank Carbajal, founder and president of Es Tiempo, LLC., founder of the Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit and co-author of “Building the Latino Future: Success Stories for the Next Generation.” His company called “es tiempo” provides leadership development by bringing leaders together through business mentorship and annually through the Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit (SVLLS). The Summit happens every year at the Stanford University Campus, and the main goal is to connect and inspire the community towards entrepreneurship and leadership. Carbajal also developed what he calles the FUTURE framework leadership model as part of his consulting and educational business. The Future framework helps companies and organizations build their Employee Resource Groups,  allowing people to gain best practices perspectives while integrating leadership into the workplace. Women Speakers and Leader during SVLLS Carbajal and his wife work on the summit every year choosing the best leaders

  • Nobel Prize Laureate Rigoberta Menchu Tum, a Fighter for the Mayan People

    Nobel Prize Laureate Rigoberta Menchu Tum, a Fighter for the Mayan People

    19/09/2016 Duration: 11min

    Rigoberta Menchu Tum Today on PWCTW we will talk about Rigoberta Menchu, awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1992. Menchu is a women activist from the indigenous Quiché Maya group on Guatemala. She was born on January 9, 1959. She was born to a poor native peasant family and raised in the Quiche branch of the Mayan culture. From and early age, she helped with the family farm work, while they were in the northern highlands and on the Pacific coast, where adults and children went to pick coffee on the big plantations. Young Menchu became involved in social reform activities through her Catholic Church, where later she became prominent in the women’s rights movement while she was still only a teenager. The activism of Menchú and her family soon led to persecution by Guatemala’s military government. Her father was a leader of a peasant organization opposed to the government and was later accused of guerrilla activities by the military. During Guatemala’s ensuing civil war, he died in a fire while protesting huma

  • Going Above and Beyond, Working Towards Scientific Literacy for All

    Going Above and Beyond, Working Towards Scientific Literacy for All

    14/09/2016 Duration: 40min

    Prof. Rodolfo Dirzo, from Stanford University Today we are talking with the recognized scientist, biologist Dr. Rodolfo Dirzo. He runs Dirzo Lab at Stanford University, where had also been Professor, researcher, and later the Director of the Center for Latin American Studies for several years until spring 2016. I had hosted shows with him before on Atenea Americana, and few years ago also at Ventana Americana. Then we talked about his significant research and famous scientific publications. Today we talked about his latest award, the Roland Volunteer Service Prize. He won it because of his above and beyond efforts on spreading scientific literacy on kids and youth. He also has pioneered hands-on educational and multicultural programs with students from K-12 and with all levels of education for college students in national and international programs. One of the programs he works with is the “REAL” program at Redwood City High School. This program focuses on teaching students academic and leadership skills thro

  • Latino Futures and How the World of Latino Philanthropy Is Changing

    Latino Futures and How the World of Latino Philanthropy Is Changing

    26/07/2016 Duration: 43min

    Dr. Mara Perez Today we are talking with Dr. Mara Perez.  She follows the progress of Latino movements in relation to philanthropy, entrepreneurship, leadership and technology, in the Bay Area and across the country.    Dr. Perez recently launched a project called LATINO FUTURESsm.  This project focuses on expanding national awareness about the important role that the growing Latino population has, and will have for the future of American prosperity through their leadership, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.   Dr. Perez is here to talk with us about her work, and the future she envisions for Latinos and the U.S. in decades to come.   This interview is an introduction to a column about Latinos in the U.S., which Dr. Perez will lead. In addition to her new project -LATINO FUTURES-, Dr. Perez has been a consultant, providing fund development and strategic planning services to non-profit organizations for 20 years.  In this capacity, she specializes in education, leadership and economic development, philanthrop

  • Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES2016) and “Demand Solutions 2016”

    Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES2016) and “Demand Solutions 2016”

    17/07/2016 Duration: 31min

    US SBA Director Maria Contreras-Sweet talking at GES2016 – Demands Solutions During 2016 summer at Stanford, President Barak Obama hosted his annual entrepreneurship summit. That week international entrepreneurs joined to connect, exchange ideas en promote innovation and entrepreneurship. The Summit idea is to connect global entrepreneurs giving them access to new connections and sharing the information they may need to create and innovate. In other words help them to unleash their power to change the world. This Summit was the 7th installment in a series previously hosted by the United States and the governments of Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Morocco, and Kenya. Among the related events was the “Demand Solutions 2016”, hosted by the inter-American Development Bank. They invited entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean to the event. There, they listened to other innovators, entrepreneurs, policymakers and ecosystem builders that are working in Latin America and the Caribbean. They ha