Members of the St Paul's Presbyterian Church Youth Ministry team bring you what they think is entertaining... with some God thrown in. Jess reviews... anything she has a ticket stub from, gives updates for the SPPC YLO music library, and defines nonsensical words. Roy talks about his dinner and topics the Youth are discussing. Michael interrupts them with his own spin on musical interludes and sums up a book of the Bible in 10 minutes or less. Sarcasm is abundant. God is Love.


  • Either-Or Cast 7.1

    Either-Or Cast 7.1


    We didn't record the first one... oops. Awful. Roy's missing today, Beauty V.2, Dramastically, Ga-ding Ga-ding, Deuteronomy, Cracker Barrel, Virginia is South, Jess is more interested in her laptop again, Jess reviews not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, not 8, not 9, not 10, not 11, not 12, not 13, not 14, not 15, not 16, not 17, not 18, not 19, not 20, not 21, not 22, not 23, not 24, not 25, not 26, not 27, not 28, not 29, but 30 movies, Pilate, Praise the Lord Allelu, a mess.Either-Or Cast 7.1

  • Either-Or Cast 6

    Either-Or Cast 6


    Jess leaves, DINOSAUR EXPLOSION!!, The Princess Bride, My Grandfather Clock, Buttercop, Beauty, 1 Peter 3, Numbers, Attentative, Diner Extravaganza (not Dinosaur Explosion... ooooh, I get it!), Palace Diner, Dr. Pop, The New Berlin Diner, Chicago-Hard to Say I'm SorryEither-Or Cast 6

  • Either-Or Cast 4

    Either-Or Cast 4


    1 Peter 1:22-2:10, Zonino, Leviticus, Filomena, Batman - a not-so-brief history, I Have Good News to Tell You, Jesus is Alive! A lot of wasted time... but Jess got her nose out of her laptop this week!Either-Or Cast 4

  • Either-Or Cast 3

    Either-Or Cast 3


    1 Peter 1:10-22, Mummy 3, Exodus, Pharoah Pharoah, Stradford Diner, Ultimadeum, Final Countdown, nice.Either-Or Cast 3

  • Either-Or Cast 1

    Either-Or Cast 1


    What is Love?, Obadiah, Awful reviews, Splitness, I Knew an Old Lady, and friendly banter...Either-Or Cast 1

  • Either-Or Cast 2

    Either-Or Cast 2


    1 Peter 1:1-9, Threme, Fantaccurate, Joy To the World, Genesis, The Bone Collector, Fallen, I am a C, Starview Diner, I'm done with the ukulele, shoutouts, Happy Birthday Hilary!!Either-Or Cast 2