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  • Genesis 28:10-17 Expecting Gods Activity

    Genesis 28:10-17 "Expecting God's Activity"


    Message: Genesis 28:10-17 "Expecting God's Activity"The message will encourage us to prayer reflect on our days and experiences to discover God's activity in our daily lives. The passage is where Jacob lays down to rest in Bethel and has a dream of the ladder ascending/descending between heaven and earth and his surprise at God's presence and activity in a place he wasn't expecting it. 

  • Matthew 14:22-36 Jesus Walks on Water

    Matthew 14:22-36 "Jesus Walks on Water"


    Message: Matthew 14:22-36 "Jesus Walks on Water" We'll be looking at this miracle as a message about Jesus' deity and our call to be focused on following him toward our transformation to become more like him. We'll also be talking about how easy it is to lose focus and how he is there to catch us when we are going under. 

  • Luke 8:26–39 “Jesus Casts Out a Legion of Demons”

    Luke 8:26–39 “Jesus Casts Out a Legion of Demons”


    Message: Luke 8:26–39 “JesusCasts Out a Legion of Demons”Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit and his miracles are acts of restoration. One of the ways he heals people and society is by casting demons out of the possessed and freeing them from destructive forces. Paul tells us these forces are present at all levels of society and God seeks to deliver us from them and in so doing, we are also delivered from our own destructive forces.

  • Luke 22:47-53 Jesus Heals the Servants Ear.

    Luke 22:47-53 "Jesus Heals the Servant's Ear."


    Message: Luke 22:47-53 "Jesus Heals theServant's Ear." In this passage we will talk about the disciples move from violent revolutionaries to those who understand the transformational power of self-sacrifice. Not only should we lay down our lives for those we love, but there is transformational power in laying down our lives for our enemies. Yet, why is it that we have a difficult time hearing the voice of others unless they pay the ultimate sacrifice? This has always been true and it is why Jesus had to die before people would be willing to hear his message. 

  • Luke 13:10-17 The Woman with the Bent Back

    Luke 13:10-17 "The Woman with the Bent Back"


    Message: Luke 13:10-17 "The Woman with the Bent Back"

  • Matthew 11:12-25 The Withered Fig Tree

    Matthew 11:12-25 "The Withered Fig Tree"


    Message:  Matthew 11:12-25 "The Withered FigTree"   The theme of the message is discerning what in life is not beneficial to your growth in God and as a follower of Jesus. Sometimes even religion isn't beneficial when it is focused on the wrong goals. This is a major point in Jesus' cursing the fig tree which represented Israel's religious, yet secular endeavors. What is inspiring us to grow in relationship toward God and as Christ-like followers and what is hindering us? 

  • John 5:1-8 The Pool of Bethesda

    John 5:1-8 "The Pool of Bethesda"


    Message: John 5:1-8 "The Pool of Bethesda"

  • John 9:1-11 The Pool of Siloam

    John 9:1-11 "The Pool of Siloam"


    Message: John 9:1-11 "The Pool of Siloam"

  • Matthew 15:21-28 The Canaanite Woman

    Matthew 15:21-28 "The Canaanite Woman"


    Message: Matthew 15:21-28 "The Canaanite Woman"

  • John 2:1-11 Water Into Wine

    John 2:1-11 "Water Into Wine"


    Message: John 2:1-11 "Water Into Wine"This message is the first in a series titled "The Miracles Jesus Did"

  • Matthew 10:28 Distracted Part 2

    Matthew 10:28 "Distracted Part 2"


    Message: Matthew 10:28 "Distracted Part 2"

  • Matthew 10:28 Distracted Part 1

    Matthew 10:28 "Distracted Part 1"


    Message: Matthew 10:28 "Distracted Part 1"

  • John 20:1-9 The Grave Clothes

    John 20:1-9 "The Grave Clothes"


    Message: John 20:1-9 "The Grave Clothes"

  • Matthew 27:27-31 The Borrowed Robe

    Matthew 27:27-31 "The Borrowed Robe"


    Message: Matthew 27:27-31 "The Borrowed Robe"

  • John 19: 23-24 The Seamless Robe

    John 19: 23-24 "The Seamless Robe"


    Message: John 19:23-24 "The Seamless Robe"

  • John 19:34-34 They Divided his Garments

    John 19:34-34 "They Divided his Garments"


    Message: John 19:34-34 "They Divided his Garments"In this message we'll look at the garments Jesus wore that were taken from him at the Cross. Each of these garments reveals something about the truth of who Jesus is.

  • Luke 2:1-7 “Swaddling Clothes and Hems of Robes”

    Luke 2:1-7 “Swaddling Clothes and Hems of Robes”


    Message: Luke 2:1-7 “Swaddling Clothes and Hems of Robes”Today we begin a new series, “The Clothes that Jesus Wore,” that will lead us through Easter. In this first week of the series we’ll talk about Jesus’ purpose in coming into the world. As he was wrapped in swaddling clothes, we cannot help but think of how he’ll be wrapped and prepared for burial. Yet, it is also from the hem of his robe that healing will flow, just as his death will bring life to many.

  • Romans 3:21-26 “The Gift of Salvation”

    Romans 3:21-26 “The Gift of Salvation”


    Message: Romans 3:21-26 “The Gift of Salvation”Last week we saw how humanity chose the path of disintegration, falling further and further from who and what they were created to be. There were no exceptions to this. Jews and Gentiles alike are more alike than they thought. They all need a Savior and that is exactly what God provides the whole world in Jesus Christ.

  • Romans 1:18-32 “The Disintegration of Humanity”

    Romans 1:18-32 “The Disintegration of Humanity”


    Message: Romans 1:18-32 “The Disintegration ofHumanity”

  • Romans 11:11-36 “God is Faithful”

    Romans 11:11-36 “God is Faithful”


    Message: Romans 11:11-36 “God is Faithful”In this week’s passage, Paul shifts his focus from the ‘weak’ to the ‘strong.’ Those who have the position of power and privilege in the Roman church are the gentile believers. Yet their inclusion in God’s family does not mean they are better than the Jewish believers. God has worked these two stories together into one, which results in the whole family of God. God has been and will be faithful to both groups, so one should not set themselves against the other. Instead, we should trust that God is always faithful to all those who He loves. In the same way, God will be faithful toward us, no matter what our present circumstances are. 

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