Circle Connections: Women Connecting To Act-in, Act-up, Act-out & Act-together


Join us for, Circle Connections: Women Connecting to Act-In, Act-Up, and Act-Out, where we come together in a bold way to connect women, evoke action, and inspire us all to create a New Earth... one circle, one connection, one step at a time.


  • Celebrating the Power of Circles

    06/06/2011 Duration: 31min
  • Global Room for Women and the Power of Connection

    23/05/2011 Duration: 31min
  • The Tao, Defiance, and Fostering Self-Confidence

    16/05/2011 Duration: 31min
  • Reflections and Appreciation

    09/05/2011 Duration: 31min
  • Sophia Rises: Changing the World Through Feminine Wisdom

    02/05/2011 Duration: 31min
  • Jean Shinoda Bolen Shares About Her Book, "Like a Tree"

    25/04/2011 Duration: 31min
  • The Importance of Five Talents and Microcredit Programs

    18/04/2011 Duration: 31min
  • What on Earth: Insde the Crop Circle Mystery

    11/04/2011 Duration: 30min
  • Soulistry: A Conversation About Recognizing the Holy and Sacred in the Ordinariness of Everyday Livi

    04/04/2011 Duration: 31min
  • Exploring the Alchemy of Our Spiritual Leadership: Women Redefining Power

    28/03/2011 Duration: 30min
  • Wisdom from Episcopal Women's Gathering

    21/03/2011 Duration: 31min
  • The Divine Feminine, Spirituality and the Patriarchy

    14/03/2011 Duration: 31min
  • The Power and Importance of Deep Listening

    07/03/2011 Duration: 31min
  • Insights, Updates, and Action Steps on the UN Commission on the Status of Women

    28/02/2011 Duration: 30min
  • Pure Prosperity and Why Women Must Make Friends with Money

    21/02/2011 Duration: 30min
  • The Importance of Connection and Empowerment in Birthing the Future

    14/02/2011 Duration: 31min
  • Circle as Today's Mystic and Guru

    07/02/2011 Duration: 31min
  • The Heart Circle Model and The Power of Sustained Resonance

    31/01/2011 Duration: 31min
  • Radio and the Power of Broadcasting Women's Voices

    24/01/2011 Duration: 31min
  • Elements of Meaningful Conversation: Why and How the Circle Process Makes a Difference Amidst Challe

    17/01/2011 Duration: 31min
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