Shelby Collinge's Mindset Matters Show


Mindset Expert Shelby Collinge will show you how to uncover your negative beliefs and replace them with beliefs that will increase your success and abundance.

Tune in every week to grow your beliefs of what is possible for you and remove the negative beliefs holding you back!


  • Do You Allow and Welcome Change?

    09/07/2007 Duration: 08min
  • Where is Your Focus Right Now?

    02/07/2007 Duration: 06min
  • Do You Trust Yourself?

    25/06/2007 Duration: 08min
  • What Do You Expect?

    11/06/2007 Duration: 07min
  • Are You in Integrity With Yourself?

    04/06/2007 Duration: 08min
  • The Universe Helps Those Who Help Themselves!

    28/05/2007 Duration: 08min
  • The New Definition of FEAR!

    21/05/2007 Duration: 07min
  • What Are Your Thoughts?

    14/05/2007 Duration: 08min
  • 'ALL Judgment Blocks the Flow of Good!'

    07/05/2007 Duration: 10min
  • How to Focus on YOUR Genius!

    30/04/2007 Duration: 09min
  • How to End the Suffering In Your Life!

    23/04/2007 Duration: 08min
  • You Are What You Think About!

    16/04/2007 Duration: 08min
  • You ALREADY Know How to be Successful

    02/04/2007 Duration: 07min
  • Do You Enjoy The People You Associate With Most?

    26/03/2007 Duration: 06min
  • Needing to Love Where You Are!

    19/03/2007 Duration: 08min
  • How Are You FEELING?

    12/03/2007 Duration: 08min
  • Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

    05/03/2007 Duration: 06min
  • How To Make Tithing Fun and Easy!

    26/02/2007 Duration: 15min
  • Are You Ready to End The Struggle?

    19/02/2007 Duration: 11min
  • How Do You Feel in What You Wear?

    12/02/2007 Duration: 08min
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