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Our real identity is not found in external trappings. Our identity is in God’s riches, His likeness, and His character. Our show encourages you to find your identity in Christ. We build self-esteem and male/female relationships, unify races, and bring humanity together, thus creating a powerful tapestry of strength in unity. We would have our true selves back and live and function in a way God intended.


  • Self-Perception/Other's Perception

    07/12/2016 Duration: 54min

    A Special Presentation

  • Getting Unstuck

    30/11/2016 Duration: 56min

    If you take stock of your life so far, you will find that there has been a predictable pattern to it. Years have changed from one to another, challenges have changed, but there has been a similarity to how you have handled things and felt. Things on the outside may have changed, but your experience on the inside has remained the same. Many of us will go through a season when we have a problem that seems too big for us to handle. The experience that we have, or the things that we’ve faced before just don’t add up to what we are currently facing. The issue is usually that the change in circumstance occurs so suddenly that it takes time for you to get your thoughts together. The mind only obtains solutions from its built-in pool of resources, as it can only work within the confines of the limits you have placed on it. This show will highlight how to break the self-perpetuating cycle of stress, worry, and negativity.

  • ThanksLiving

    23/11/2016 Duration: 57min

    In North America, we are on the eve of Thanksgiving--a day when many put their focus on giving thanks and acknowledging what they have in their lives. We can all acknowledge something when others are also doing it. The test is whether we can we live a life of thankfulness the other 364 days a year. November kicks off the holiday season with high expectations for celebration, joy, and love. However, for many people, this time of year triggers deep unresolved wounds that bring with them sadness, anxiety, and depression. On one hand, the holiday season can lift the spirits, and on the other, deflate them due to a perceived lack. Which side you will stand on this season will very much depend on one word … gratitude. Listeners will be inspired that their life and purpose are perfected through all seasons. They will then be able to challenge their minds to see obstacles as opportunities and the life they already have as a celebration of their unique journey.

  • We Need to Go Back to Go Forward

    16/11/2016 Duration: 55min

    A Special Presentation.

  • What's Stopping You?

    09/11/2016 Duration: 57min

    You can be aware of what is going on in the world, as it is good to be concerned, but not good to be nervous. I’m not surprised that most people are nervous, as they are living in fear and making their decisions at the mercy of their emotional minds. Listeners to this episode will be elucidated that their focus will determine how they live their lives. They will be provoked to embrace changes as opposed to resisting them, making their lives less stressful, and in turn, finding fewer things holding them back. The things they want to accomplish in and throughout their lives, that have, until now, proved elusive, will appear within reach. Listeners will find that, in time, their lives are less subject to ups and downs. They will be inspired to let go of things they cannot control and instead control what they can. Changing the way they think will be the catalyst that allows them to see the change they seek in their lives.

  • Success

    02/11/2016 Duration: 57min

    Success is the desire of every person alive and breathing today, regardless of ethnicity, age or background. We all want to have meaning and a purpose for being alive. Some ways to describe success are the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, the attainment of popularity or profit, prosperity, affluence, wealth, riches and opulence. As the years pass by in what seemingly appears to be ever faster and faster, we come a long way searching for something to find it's not there. It becomes revealed that the true meaning of life is not about what we are, but about our deeds. This challenges us at the very core. The things we have been exposed to—be it our family, the media, our education, our perceptions, and even our mentality—all point to success being found in getting more: more money, more recognition, more security. All of these are fine, but are an illusion of the conditioned mind.

  • Living Without Walls

    26/10/2016 Duration: 57min

    What does it mean to live a life without walls? What does it mean to have spiritual maturity? To live a life without the burdens of limitation and stress? What’s the purpose of over 50 hours of podcasts and 1,000s of hours of preparation? Whether you have listened to New Dimensions one time, a thousand times, or this is your very first, we all come on board with a unified goal to live the life God intended for us, and at the same time, make the world a better place. Listeners of this episode will be elucidated that they already have the tools for an entirely new way of living, by adopting a new way of thinking. To have the fullest life, one needs to be living it, and not just thinking about why it’s not different. We all have dreams and goals, but it’s the challenges and circumstances that can blur our vision on the journey toward them. This show will provoke and inspire listeners to use their challenges as opportunities to greater purpose and joy.

  • Letting Loose

    19/10/2016 Duration: 54min

    Letting loose is defined by allowing someone or something to move or go freely. This means a life free of attachment to limitations and negativity. This is an area a lot of us struggle with, as people around us as well as the media, put their focus on negative news rather than positive events. This creates a pull for us to focus on the negative. Think about your thoughts for a moment. How many negative things have you heard during this American presidential election? More importantly, how many negative thoughts have you had or are making decisions based on these thoughts? Listeners of this show will be inspired not to be led by their negative thoughts, but instead have an optimistic perspective. It is within this new perspective that they will be able to connect to a life of fewer limitations and less stress and worry.

  • Disunity X rated -Encore Edition

    12/10/2016 Duration: 55min

    Special Presentation

  • Disunity X rated

    05/10/2016 Duration: 54min

    A Special Presentation

  • Your True Self

    21/09/2016 Duration: 55min

    We are all born without previous experiences. As we grow up, we are influenced through our environment, which includes our parents, education, media, and culture. These influences make a lasting impression on us, so we end up living life as individuals, instead of in unison with all that is around us. This way of functioning, but not living a life of abundance, is one of struggling as an individual entity. Take, for example, an orchestra of 50 people. They sound great because they are all functioning together as a unit. If they saw themselves as separate individuals, the great would never manifest. Listeners to this episode will be inspired to challenge their minds with more critical thinking. This will help them reveal that they are more than their past experiences, the job they do, or the way they feel they need to stack up in society. They will better understand that they are a spirit being having a temporal human moment while here on earth.

  • Why We Hold Back

    14/09/2016 Duration: 57min

    A lot of the things we do today are based upon events experienced in our past. We often pick and choose the things we have done successfully before, as these keep us in our comfort zone. Thoughts of an unknown outcome or the fear of other people’s reactions are what typically hold us back, not the things, opportunities, or people themselves. Indeed, a lot of the time we are not even aware of how the anxiety in our minds can alter our course in life. Many times, the result is that we avoid doing the things God has designed for us, so we then go on to live a life of mediocrity. Listeners to this episode will be elucidated that by gaining greater awareness of the things they do and why, they can go on to conquer their unique giants. They will be able to claim a new reality as a victor rather than a victim to their lives.

  • You Are Not Your Story

    07/09/2016 Duration: 57min

    Many of us are not aware of our daily thoughts. We live out our lives on a daily basis, doing many of the same things within a set pattern of thoughts and activities. Life is made up of many experiences, some good, some challenging. What happens is that we store those—especially the negative ones—that we then put our identity in. This becomes our life “story,” which we carry around like a cognitive suitcase. Listeners of this episode will be both challenged and inspired to be more present in the moment they are in. They will be provoked to raise their awareness that their life is not their thoughts, and through becoming an observer of them, they will no longer be trapped within them.

  • Getting Your Bounce Back

    24/08/2016 Duration: 55min

    Show Number 36, “Getting Your Bounce Back” Losing our motivation is one of the major factors in us missing the true potential assigned to our lives. We have goals and dreams that we attach a due date to, and when these outcomes or time frames aren’t met, we get discouraged and often give up altogether. At some point in time, you will be confronted by losing your bounce. Life has many facets that can lead us to discouragement. We have relationships, career and finance matters, health challenges of loved ones, and our own issues. We need to move forward in a fine ballet, to then be able to balance life functionally and positively impact the world around us. Listeners of this episode will be elucidated and inspired that purpose requires patience. They will hear how God has assigned all they need to have an awesome life, and in building their faith through patience, will be able to enter the next dimension of their lives toward greater abundance and joy.

  • Equanimity

    17/08/2016 Duration: 54min

    We are all on a quest for purpose and meaning in our lives. This leads us to work harder, seek relationships, and acquire assets and various things that we feel will bring us value and peace. As we are always referencing ourselves in circumstances that are in a constant state of flux, we are too inconsistent with how we feel about our lives. Listeners of this episode will learn and be inspired that the greatest thirst is in the need for inner peace. They will be able to connect to a calm, centered, balanced, and mindful awareness of the impermanence of worldly things, sensations, and experiences. They will return to centered living, regardless of their external circumstances

  • Anger Remedy

    10/08/2016 Duration: 55min

    We live in a fast-paced world of technology, long work hours, and overcrowded towns and cities. Many people have to work long hours in order to meet the high cost of living. These demands, if not checked, can result in unmet expectations and a feeling of being overwhelmed that can then turn into stress and, in many cases, anger. This episode will highlight that we are often led by our feelings and emotions. Listeners will be shown that they can be aware of feelings and emotions without being taken over by them. It will challenge listeners to become aware that their negative feelings and emotions come from their perception of circumstances that have hurt or disappointed them, and from that, have created a false reality. It will highlight that if one were truly present, each moment would have no limitations or restrictions, as you cannot restrict what you have not known, or a time that you’ve not been in before!

  • Seek, Find, and Release

    03/08/2016 Duration: 52min

    Our lives began with a yet-to-be-revealed story, one that is ready to unfold like a movie loaded into its projector. Some stories might be more intriguing than others, but our lives involve twists and turns, heartbreaks, pain, loss, tragedy, and triumph. Many of us experience some type of abuse or neglect, physical challenge, or disability. It’s these individual circumstances that then become our transporter for discovery. As God made us in His spirit and likeness, there is an overcomer in each of us, regardless of our battle. There may not be a “happily ever after,” but there will be a Masterpiece: a hidden gem that God put inside of us to discover. This episode will challenge listeners to embrace their lives as an assignment, a Pilgrimage to finding the precious gift within, so they can move on to a new dimension for their lives. It will give them insight that the best is yet to come, as all they need is always within reach.

  • The Greatest Threat To Humanity Is Itself

    27/07/2016 Duration: 54min

    We live in an age of technology and science that has transcended all previous times. There are rainmaking devices, robots that comb the ocean floors, forays in medical research, and enough collective know-how to make Einstein appear average. Society has convinced us that the more we add or control, the more we will find the answers to all of the questions that have eluded the people of the world since the beginning of the ages, the ones of meaning and a deep inner peace. Listeners to this show will be elucidated that what we seek cannot be obtained, as it can’t be worked harder for, bought, or added. They will be inspired to raise their awareness that God put the hidden treasure inside each one of us. The episode will highlight the pilgrimage that our lives become, and how living by the ways of society has created the unrest, hopelessness, and anger that now grips the world.

  • The Heart Is Like A Bank Account

    20/07/2016 Duration: 58min

    Regardless of our economic condition or geographic position, we are born with the universal commonality that we have no previous experiences, heartbreaks, or disappointments. As we go through life, the heart then becomes like a bank account. We take every experience and interaction, perceive them in our minds as good or bad, and then make a deposit into our hearts. Listeners to this episode will be elucidated that they require a cleansing of the human heart to remove what is not giving them the best life. They will be challenged to raise their consciousness of what is coming in, so they don’t get overloaded with negative thoughts that will always keep them trapped. They will hear how they can change their lives dramatically by removing what is already in the heart and mind’s bank account, and with that, rework their automated emotional mind by replacing that with things that would serve them much better.

  • Love Thy Neighbor

    13/07/2016 Duration: 45min

    My heart is heavy for all people who have been victimized because of the color of their skin or their beliefs, lifestyles, differences, or politics. Many messages are being presented that are inspirational; however, my intention is to go deeper and address the issues of root cause. I believe enough is enough and know that the best is yet to come for you. Do you find yourself wondering why racism and hostility in our world is at an all-time high? I believe we are all connected in One source, and each time a person suffers an atrocity, every heart is impacted, far and wide. This episode will deal with the causality in three ways: 1) irreverence to God, 2) societal paradigms, and 3) psychology. These are all intertwined, and if one is not aligned with the others, it will impact your entire life like a falling stack of cards. Listeners will be provoked to raise awareness that diversity itself is the essence of excellence.

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