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AFL Supercoach wisdom passed down from the Father of Fantasy Footy himself, Jock Reynolds.


  • MAILBAG | Flicking The Switch

    29/06/2022 Duration: 36min

    Damo is joined by Barron Von Crow and Lekdog to answer all your questions. They looked at the best players under certain price points, how much is Darcy Cameron going to be affected by Brodie Grundy upon return, is Jayden Short worth trading and even Lekdog threw in a question for Damo and Barron. The trio go through the captain options and submit their tips for the 9 games across the weekend and then at the end Damo makes a special announcement. Follow Us on Twitter! Lekdog - @lekdog Barron Von Crow - @BarronVonCrow Damo - @DamoSC  

  • How to Tackle the Run Home

    28/06/2022 Duration: 52min

    In this week's episode Lekdog and Patch look at the run home, underperformers and points of difference to potentially target to give you that one final boost. 03:00 - Let's talk Supercoach 03:25 - Good Supercoach thing of the week 08:50 - Bad Supercoach thing of the week 13:13 - Tom Stewart and how to replace him 26:30 - Should we be upgrading or sitting on trades? 30:45 - Do we hold unerperforming popular selections? 37:50 - P.O.D's to consider for the rest of the year 49:40 - Cash cows to target this week

  • MAILBAG | I Can’t Believe It’s All About Butters

    22/06/2022 Duration: 50min

    On the Mailbag this week Damo and Clarky are rejoined by Ben from SuperCoach Insider to discuss all the possible options you have for Zak Butters and why you should trade him, Luke Jackson, whether a point of difference is a good idea and then they discuss all the captaincy options for the action packed round 15 full of blockbusters. Follow Us on Twitter! @DamoSC @QuantumJC and a special thanks to Ben at SuperCoach Insider! Follow them over at @SCInsider100 on Twitter

  • How Many Ruck Puns Is Too Many Ruck Puns?

    21/06/2022 Duration: 42min

    Lekdog and Patch break down a tumultuous weekend of life, health and football. The rucks, yep they are talked about. Butters? Him too. Rookies, there's a couple.   Trades, there's none left.   Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping with promo code JOCK at! #ad #manscapedpod   Time Codes: 01:14 - Manscaped 03:10 - Patch's meltdown (MUST LISTEN) 06:40 - The rucks. 09:20 - Braydon Preuss 13:30 - Todd Goldstein 15:00 - Luke Jackson 18:00 - The worst call we've ever made 19:00 - Good Supercoach thing of the week 21:00 - Bad Supercoach thing of the week 22:00 - How many trades do we have left? 24:30 - Injury updates and how to cope 26:00 - Zak Butters trade or hold? 29:00 - Other forward options 33:00 - Is another Port Adelaide ruckman here to save us? 34:00 - Jeremy McGovern injury and defenders to consider 39:20 - Players on the bubble

  • MAILBAG | Of Bye Rounds & SuperCoach

    15/06/2022 Duration: 42min

    Damo and Clarky are joined by KFC SuperCoach legend Al Paton to talk about the Max Gawn injury, Will Brodie with Nat Fyfe back, Midfielders, Defenders, Harry Himmelberg and whether we'd prefer just a league wide bye. The boys also discuss the captaincy options for the upcoming fixture. If you would like to pre-order Al's new book "Of Marsupials & Men" you can do so here. You can also follow Al Paton on Twitter here. Follow Damo and Clarky on Twitter! @DamoSC @QuantumJC

  • Scorching Hot Takes & Ice Cold Trades

    14/06/2022 Duration: 39min

    Lekdog is joined by Gold Coast super fan Cass to deliver some scorching hot takes heading into Round 14. Rookies, premos and whatever Peter Wright is take up a lot of the pod. Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping with promo code JOCK at! #ad #manscapedpod Time Codes: 00:00 - MANSCAPED read 03:00 - Cassie intro 04:30 - D'Ambrosio to debut? 05:50 - Injury news 09:09 - Braydon Preuss update 09:50 - Aaron Hall 11:33 - Are there any rookies out there? 11:40 - Jake Wehr 12:06 - Judson Clarke 12:40 - Brynn Teakle 13:07 - Premiums to grab 13:40 - Stephen Gonigliog 14:20 - Josh Kelly 15:30 - Tim English 17:00 - Jarrod Witts 20:00 - Jeremy Cameron and Tom Hawkins 22:40 - Isaac Heeney 24:40 - Josh Dunkley and the Bulldogs five 26:20 - Jordan Dawson 26:40 - Shannon Hurn 29:45 - Premium midfielders 32:55 - Sam Hayes 33:40 - Nick Daicos 36:30 - Scorching hot takes

  • MAILBAG | The Tough Bye

    08/06/2022 Duration: 26min

    Damo is joined by Azza and special guest Dan Batten to answer your questions for Round 13. Forward options and rookies are discussed, while they rank this week's top midfield options. The boys then look towards the round ahead and discuss captaincy options, and put their tips in for the weekend. Huge thanks to Dan Batten, follow him on Twitter @danbatten_ Follow Us on Twitter! Damo - @DamoSC Clarky - @QuantumJC (he wasn't here, but give him a follow anyway) Azza - @azzajewell

  • Unscrewing The Lid, Just A Little Bit

    06/06/2022 Duration: 41min

    The Boys are Back in Town, this town that requires boys to be in them, and back in it the boys certainly are. Damo tried to work out how lids work, Patch forgets what a Brad Ebert is and how it works and Lek is once again tempted by several hundred mid-priced options when the sensible decision is right there - it's RIGHT THERE, Lek, just take it.  Who am I kidding, he doesn't read these descriptions.  The boys also discuss players coming off their byes, who to bring in as a downgrade and if we can bring in non-playing players yet.  Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping with promo code JOCK at! #ad #manscapedpod

  • MAILBAG | Byes, Week 1

    01/06/2022 Duration: 40min

    Damo and Clarky are joined reigning SuperCoach champion SuperCoach Mumma on this week's episode. Damo casts a quick eye over the mid-season draft crop and has his say on who plays, and then they answer questions for the round ahead, finishing off with their tips and captaincy discussion. Follow Us on Twitter: Damo - @DamoSC Clarky - @QuantumJC SuperCoach Mumma - @EChallis Want to learn about who your club picked up in the mid-season draft? Azza has a great tool which you can find here

  • Baby, bye bye bye (BYE ROUNDS)

    31/05/2022 Duration: 44min

    Lekdog and Patch discuss all things Supercoach. From the Jock Reynolds Selection Committee to the McVeigh Multiverse of Madness, the new DPP's in Supercoach to the latest injury news.   It is all covered!   Subscribe and leave a rating/review and the lads will read it out on next week's podcast!   Time Codes: 00:00 - JR podcast selection committee 04:00 - Supercoach positives of the week 06:30 - Supercoach negatives of the week 08:11 - Mark McVeigh, why? 10:30 - Bye rounds breakdown 13:13 - Patch is trading in a player who isn't playing this week 14:45 - Joel Jeffrey is still value 17:30 - Lekdog's new dog interupts 18:04 - What should we focus on for trade targets? 19:45 - Injury News 22:45 - Ruckman, why don't they play anymore? 28:00 - New DPP's added into Supercoach 31:14 - Bont or Smith? 33:50 - Mark Blicavs 35:40 - Harry Perryman 37:20 - Darcy Cameron 38:00 - Tim English 42:50 - Drop a review!

  • MAILBAG | Descent Into Chaos

    25/05/2022 Duration: 43min

    Damo & Clarky are joined by Patch and from there things went off the rails. They try and make sense of the rookies, Keidean Coleman, bad trade decisions, and then look at the Round 11 draw, and captaincy options. Follow Us on Twitter: Damo - @DamoSC Clarky - @QuantumJC Patch - @PatchToTheMax Send us Questions if you want them answered! Use #JockMailbag and we'll find them!

  • Who Let The Dogs Out? ft. Tim Michell

    24/05/2022 Duration: 44min

    Lekdog & Damo are joined by Supercoach's own Tim Michell to discuss all of the Supercoach news heading into Round 11. Time Codes: 03:14 - Supercoach positives of the week 07:50 - Sueprcoach negatives of the week 12:10 - Which rookies do we hold through the byes? 18:30 - Luke Cleary 19:50 - Cooper Stephens 20:45 - Rhylee West 24:30 - Jesse Motlop and Sam Butler 25:00 - Joel Jeffrey is a trap 26:30 - Players to target! 26:40 - Marcus Bontempelli & Bailey Smith 31:30 - It's really time to buy Jack Sinclair 33:15 - Lek's P.O.D of the week, Harry Perryman 35:40 - David Swallow is apparently someone we discuss 38:40 - Is Tom Mitchell really back? 41:25 - Go Blues

  • MAILBAG | Trade Your Way

    18/05/2022 Duration: 48min

    Damo and Clarky are joined by Ben from SuperCoach Insider to answer all your questions ahead of Round 10. In an episode littered with Dad Jokes we discuss how many trades should you have left after the byes, do we give GWS players another chance, is it smart to trade for potential DPPs early. All that and more answered, as well as each game is analysed, and captain options are discussed. SPONSORED BY MANSCAPED! USE CODE 'JOCKMAIL' TO GET 20% OFF AND FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING #ad #sponsored FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: Damo - @DamoSC Clarky - @QuantumJC and follow SuperCoach Insider @SCInsider100

  • Does Leon Leave With The Cube?

    16/05/2022 Duration: 30min

    Lekdog is a late out! Damo, Patch and late in Barron Von Crow chat about the rookies on the bubble, Jack Steele and who steps up at St Kilda, possible Steele replacements, bye rounds and does Leon Cameron leaving GWS make Whitfield, Coniglio, Taranto better? Follow Us on Twitter! @DamoSC @BarronVonCrow @PatchToTheMax This Episode of the Jock Reynolds Podcast is sponsored by Manscaped. Use code JOCK for 20% off your Manscaped order with Worldwide free shipping! #ad #sponsored

  • MAILBAG | The Stats Man’s Testifying

    11/05/2022 Duration: 53min

    Damo and Clarky are joined by JR's resident stats man Azza to answer all your questions in a bumper episode of Mailbag. Double or triple downgrades, smokey selections, which rookies stand above the pack and more + we look at the round ahead and all the best captaincy options. Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code JOCKMAIL at! #ad #sponsored Follow Us on Twitter: Damo - @DamoSC Clarky - @QuantumJC Azza - @azzajewell

  • Down, down, doubling down!

    09/05/2022 Duration: 49min

    Lekdog, Damo and Patch sit around and talk about rookies, premiums, Supercoach and - shockingly - some football analysis with all three boys coming off wins.  Lek brings in someone he never thought he would, Damo gives us some quickfire yes or no keeper questions and Patch is... also there, I guess.    Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code JOCK at! #ad #manscapedpod

  • MAILBAG | It Was a Good Week

    04/05/2022 Duration: 25min

    Damo and Clarky talk about the good week everyone seemed to have as it meant there was only a few questions to discuss. They also go through their tips, and captaincy options.   This episode of the Mailbag is sponsored by MANSCAPED. Use code JOCKMAIL for 20% off and worldwide shipping.   Follow Us on Twitter Damo - @DamoSC Clarky - @QuantumJC #ad #sponsored  

  • It’s time to plan for the byes

    03/05/2022 Duration: 55min

    Lekdog Damo & Patch sit down to discuss trading for the bye-rounds, Jack Macrae and a bunch of attractive rookie options. They also fight about all of Lek's suggestions...time codes below.   Time Codes: 00:55 - Manscaped Stories 04:45 - Lekdog finally did well in a round 06:50 - Supercoach positives for Round 7 09:50 - Supercoach negatives for Round 7 13:59 - TIN FOIL HAT! 14:10 - A bye round warning 17:00 - How many trades are the right amount of trades? 25:40 - Jack Macrae, is trading hima shark move? 27:40 - Rookies on the bubble 28:00 - Luke Strnadica 29:15 - Robbie McComb 29:42 - Paul Curtis, Toby Bedford and Oliver Dempsey 30:21 - Greg Clark and the funky bunch 34:40 - Upgrade Targets 35:11 - Luke Parker 37:25 - A Laird-like evolution for Jayden Short? 39:00 - Cripps, Petracca and Josh Kelly 41:40 - Hugh McLuggage 44:00 - Dylan Moore 45:00 - Ollie Wines 47:40 - Mark Blicavs (and everyone yells at Lek) 49:00 - Adam Saad (and everyone doesn;t yell at Lek) 52:19 - Time to cull some cash cows   Get 20%

  • MAILBAG | Another Rucking Podcast

    27/04/2022 Duration: 35min

    Damo and Clarky breakdown the Grundy situation and then talk about which fallen premiums are worth targeting, how many premium spots should you have left to fill and all the captaincy options for round 7.   Follow us on Twitter Damo - @DamoSC Clarky - @QuantumJC

  • What the RUCK do we do with Grundy?

    26/04/2022 Duration: 01h01min

    Lekdog, Damo & Patch sit down to discuss the latest #supercoach news including some Grundy talk at the top off the pod!   Time Codes: 00:00 - Grundy news and replacements 08:06 - Round 6 Positives 11:13 - Round 6 Negatives 16:10 - Paddy McCartin update 18:12 - Jordan Ridley, why? 20:43 - Whitfield, Lloyd, Ridley...what do? 22:20 - Defensive premiums to target 23:50 - Dan Hous-tonned up 26:01 - Luke Ryan is cheap now 30:12 - Cash Cows heading into Round 7 34:45 - Rowell, Lipinski, Horne-Francis, Daicos and Rachele 38:50 - Fallen premiums in the midfield to target 39:45 - Zach Merrett v Patrick Cripps 42:40 - Christian Petracca and Touk Miller 47:30 - Pre-Grundy ruck talk 52:40 - Connor Rozee in the midfield    

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