Jim Wallis In Conversation


President and founder of Sojourners, Jim Wallis explores faith, justice, and the moral choices behind todays headlines in this Audible Original series. In each episode, Jim sits down with an inspiring guest; from Michelle Alexander to Margaret Atwood to Rev William Barber, they discuss their deepest moral convictions and how they are putting them to work in the world.


  • Ep. 9: Bryan Stevenson

    Ep. 9: Bryan Stevenson

    06/07/2018 Duration: 28min

    Bryan Stevenson, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, joins Jim to discuss how our failure to talk about the trauma of America’s racist history gives rise to ugly events like the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. Together, they consider the importance of repentance and why racism isn’t a political issue – it’s a spiritual one.

  • Ep. 8: Rep. Joe Kennedy

    Ep. 8: Rep. Joe Kennedy

    29/06/2018 Duration: 19min

    Jim welcomes Rep. Joe Kennedy of Massachusetts to share his views on the moral obligations of our government, the spirit of generosity, and his life-affirming experience in the Peace Corps. Together, they consider the intersection of faith and social justice and the need for dignity and decency in leadership.

  • Ep. 7: Michelle Alexander

    Ep. 7: Michelle Alexander

    22/06/2018 Duration: 36min

    Best-selling author of “The New Jim Crow,” Michelle Alexander joins Jim to talk about a personal mission that led her from teaching law to a new focus - studying theology. Their conversation ranges from the racial bias of U.S. drug laws, the systemic discrimination of ex-convicts, and why a moral awakening is so needed in today’s environment.

  • Ep. 6: Mark Shriver

    Ep. 6: Mark Shriver

    15/06/2018 Duration: 28min

    Jim sits down with author and activist Mark Shriver to talk about his book “Pilgrimage” and the life of its subject: Pope Francis. They delve into the influence the humble pope is having on the Roman Catholic Church, the purpose of pilgrimage, and the power of being open.

  • Ep. 5: Brittany Packnett

    Ep. 5: Brittany Packnett

    08/06/2018 Duration: 33min

    Educator and activist Brittany Packnett talks with Jim about why she took to the streets in her neighboring town of Ferguson in 2014 and how her experiences in peaceful protest prompted her to band together with others to form the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • Ep. 4: Valerie Kaur

    Ep. 4: Valerie Kaur

    01/06/2018 Duration: 34min

    Jim sits down with Valarie Kaur to talk about her experience as a Sikh activist in the current political climate, and the speech she gave in a Christian church on New Year’s Eve that went viral.

  • Ep. 3: Margaret Atwood

    Ep. 3: Margaret Atwood

    25/05/2018 Duration: 32min

    Jim welcomes best-selling author Margaret Atwood for a conversation on the effect that debt - monetary, spiritual, and ecological - are having on people and the planet. Together, they explore why Margaret’s groundbreaking novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” is even more prescient today, and why loving your neighbor means loving your neighbor’s oxygen, too.

  • Ep. 2: Eboo Patel

    Ep. 2: Eboo Patel

    18/05/2018 Duration: 32min

    Social justice advocate Eboo Patel joins Jim to talk about how he was inspired to found the Interfaith Youth Corps. An organization focused on connecting college students from different faiths to service projects and, most powerfully, to each other.

  • Ep. 1: Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

    Ep. 1: Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

    11/05/2018 Duration: 30min

    Jim talks to Rev. William Barber, the former North Carolina NAACP president whose impassioned speech at the 2016 DNC called for a movement of resistance against creeping extremism. They share insights on Trump’s election, systemic racism in policy, and why standing down is not an option.