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  • Pink Smoke Podcast Episode 1: Feelin on Yo Booty
    Pink Smoke Podcast Episode 1: Feelin' on Yo Booty
    Duration: 01h21min | 24/04/2018

    Its your favorite faves, coming to you with the FIRST episode of the Pink Smoke Podcast! I open the floor with a #HoeStory and then my co-hosts Jayla and Mkhai help me discuss topics ranging from being step parents all the way to the ideology of R.Kelly's "Feelin On Yo Booty" Its a fun and entertaining podcast from the perspective of YOUNG black women. Join us on our journey of finding ourselves and recording it. If you have any questions or want our perspective on any topic you might have, just send us an email to and maybe we will read your email live and give you some feedback! (Don't Be Scurred) It will be an experience for us all! *Kisses* @yesjessmith @_haveagoodjay @mickiana