Crushing It



Crushing It is a talk show dedicated to inspiring students to take a leap of faith and pursue their passions by showcasing other students who are doing exactly that.


  • #20 (UT) | Terrified of Public Speaking? Listen to This! | Moby Hayat

    28/05/2019 Duration: 37min

    Moby is a Tech PM at DELL, but his passion is helping early-stage founders and creatives to build businesses through The Fire Show, pitch coaching, monthly events, and videos. An immigrant to the US at the age of 19, he's currently waiting for his green card so he can monetize what he's done for free in the past -- including interviewing Austin's Mayor, live-streaming for Entrepreneur Network, and helping companies win startup pitch competitions (he has $800,000 under his belt). “I was someone who had no confidence, no real skills, no idea what to do in the first 2-3 years of college... I failed multiple classes, was deeply scared of public speaking, dropped an entire semester of classes, almost got expelled, went from one community to another. Everything that could go wrong went wrong for me. But, I was able to build himself up through trial/error, trying new things, and pushing against fear.” Episode 20 holds a special place for me as a podcaster because with Moby as a guest (he’s interviewed over

  • #19 (UT) | Taking Over Instagram's Food Blogging Industry | Rachel Holtin

    17/05/2019 Duration: 37min

    Rachel Holtin helped pioneer the food blogging industry on Instagram. While wrapping up her communications degree at UT Austin, she started @austinfoodstagram which has garnered over 80,000 followers on Instagram. This led her to run social media & influencer programs for Favor Delivery, as well as starting her own Influencer Marketplace for bloggers and brands to connect called Trend. Last year, she went full-time on her blog, and now focuses her attention on creating content for brand partners and local restaurants.

  • #18 (UT) | Software Engineering, Tech Startups, & Equal Opportunity | Hassaan Raza

    06/05/2019 Duration: 59min

    Hassaan Raza is a software engineer at heart, but wears different hats depending on the time of day and is currently the co-founder of Accantus – a company that’s developing patient tracking systems to predict treatment times and outcomes. Over the past few years, he’s worked at MD Anderson, vAuto, Cox Automotive, JP Morgan Chase, and Apple. After graduation, he’ll be going to Google as a TPM for what he thinks will be a short bit before returning to his software consulting business, Simublade. 

  • #17 (UT) | Quitting Youtube, Finding His Passion, and Flipping | Christopher Tung

    22/04/2019 Duration: 39min

    Christopher Tung is a man of many talents. Over the past few years, he has successfully accumulated over 7.1 million views and over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. He can sing, breakdance, and play the guitar, all while teaching hundreds of people online how to do a variety of flips.

  • #16 (UT) | Why You Should Give a Damn About UT’s Student Government | Camron & Amie

    08/04/2019 Duration: 38min

    Camron Goodman and Amie Jean are the incoming student government President and Vice President at The University of Texas at Austin

  • #15 (UT) | UT Austin's Netflix Star | Sahana Srinivasan

    01/04/2019 Duration: 48min

    Sahana Srinivasan is an Indian American actress, writer, and filmmaker. In 2017, she traded in her book bag for lights, camera, and action to become the host of “Brainchild,” Netflix’s new hit science education series directed by Pharrell Williams. She’s recently started rocking stand-up comedy and is drastically changing the face of STEM & STEAM while representing Indian culture in the mainstream.

  • #14 (UT) | Stop Eating Shit for Lunch! | Brian & Quentin (Ranch Hand)

    25/03/2019 Duration: 35min

    Brian & Quentin nail the process of being profitable in the restaurant industry

  • #13 (UT) | Inside the Mind of a Super Connector | Daniel Miyares

    19/03/2019 Duration: 53min

    Daniel Miyares is considered one of the entrepreneurial titans on campus. He’s a community builder, entrepreneurial leader, and SVBTrekker who’s passionate about startups, products, and technology. Over the past few years he has worked on Genesis – where he helped build structures to scale from 10 people to 25+ people after they raised $1.8 million dollars and LEA – where he started Texcon, facilitated operations for over 50 people, and helped manage a budget of $10,000. As his journey on the forty acres comes to a close, a new one starts for him as an Associate Product Manager at Uber this fall 

  • #12 (UT) | Revolutionizing the Cleaning Industry | Juan Carlos Merlo & Daniel Munoz

    10/03/2019 Duration: 37min

    Juan Carlos Merlo & Daniel Munoz are the founders of Clean’ Em, a company revolutionizing the services industry by empowering underrepresented cleaners with financial independence and flexible schedules. A year ago they were living in a trashed apartment after a back-to-school party. Out of this grew the inspiration for their contract cleaning service, Clean ‘Em, which is now projected to earn $100,000 in revenue by October. They are one of the eight student startup teams that were selected for the National Championship finals of the Student Startup Madness tournament and will be pitching at SXSW tomorrow. Please join me in welcoming Daniel Munoz and Juan Carlos Merlo.

  • #11 (UT) | What It Takes To Be a Student Entrepreneur | Luis Martins

    04/03/2019 Duration: 34min

    Luis Martins is a professor with over 35+ years of experience in teaching. He graduated with a Ph.D. in business management from NYU in 1997 and has since taught at the University of Connecticut, Georgia Tech, Indian School of Business, and is currently the Professor of Management and Director of the Herb Kelleher Center of Entrepreneurship at UT-Austin. His consulting and executive development clients include Accenture, AT&T, BBVA, Coca Cola, Essilor, FBI Crime Labs, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Lower Colorado River Authority, McKesson, NASA, Petrobras, Polycom, Powerwave Technologies, Rackspace, Samsung, Sinopec, SK Holdings, Waffle House, and WEG Electric.

  • #10 (UT) | Solar Power, Electric Vehicles, & Running Two Startups at Once | Mandeep Patel

    24/02/2019 Duration: 45min

    Today we have a very special guest. He’s an engineer at heart, has a sharp mind for business, and is currently the founder of ElecTrip – a company that does door to door transportation between cities in Tesla Model Xs. He is also the co-founder of SunCo – a company centered on increasing solar adoption in homes. ElecTrip is currently worth $250,000 – has a projected valuation of $1.5 million by the end of 2019 and Sunco is currently valued at about $450,000. He has worked at various companies in the past such as NASA, United Airlines, BP, LockHeed Martin – and is now looking to take his own companies Elctrip & Sunco, to the next level. 

  • #9 (UT) | F*ck Coffee, We Chew Caffeinated Gum Now! | Blake Settle

    18/02/2019 Duration: 18min

    Today’s guest is the founder and CEO of Rev Gum, a consumer packaged goods company that produces a caffeine based energy chewing gum. Since its launch towards the end of 2018, Rev has sold over 5,000 packs of gum and has expanded to over 40 stores in the Austin area. Please join me in welcoming the founder & CEO of Rev Gum, Blake Settle. 

  • #8 (UT) | Researcher Turned Entrepreneur, Cerebri AI | Thejas Prasad

    11/02/2019 Duration: 24min

    Today’s guest is an individual who, as an undergraduate engineering student at UT, along with three other students, won a competition held by IBM Watson in 2015 with a prize of $100,000 to start a company. That company is now known as Cerebri AI, a startup transforming customer experience for Fortune 500 companies. To date, they have been backed by M12, Microsoft’s venture arm, and have 50 employees across offices in Austin, Toronto, and Washington DC. Please join me in welcoming the co-founder of Cerebri AI, Thejas Prasad.

  • #7 (UT) | Startups, Funding, & Mental Health | Katherine Allen & Atreya Misra

    03/02/2019 Duration: 42min

    Today’s guests are Katherine Allen and Atreya Misra, founders of Flo Recruit – a personalized recruitment software. In the past year, they’ve raised over $240,000 and been accepted into prestigious programs such as SEAL powered by the Austin Technology Incubator. Outside of Flo Recruit, Katherine co-founded Genesis, UT's first startup fund for students, and last year helped shatter the horn raiser record by raising over $1,200,000 to continue to fund student entrepreneurs. Katherine came to UT Austin after receiving the Forty Acres Scholarship, UT’s premiere full-ride merit-based scholarship and worked at high growth startups like TrendKite in Austin and Handshake in San Francisco. Her co-founder Atreya is pursuing a Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering with a focus in Machine Learning here at UT, claiming the highest graduate fellowship available. As an undergraduate at UT Austin, Atreya actively researched different ways to apply machine learning to healthcare and security data and conti

  • #6 (UT) | Body Positivity, Health & Nutrition | Patrick Lyons

    27/01/2019 Duration: 41min

    Patrick Lyon’s is both a beast inside and outside the gym. Over the past year he has garnered over 3.4 million views and 21,000 subscribers on YouTube. In his free time, he has coached over 200 clients through his fitness program Lyon Shred, given 600 speeches across the country, and invented an upper-body cardio machine. As his phenomenal journey here on the Forty Acres comes to a close, from doing pranks in the PCL to hosting fitness classes, a new one begins for him at Microsoft next year..On Episode 6 of “Crushing It” Patrick and I discuss the importance of body positivity, health & nutrition, and the mindset underlying his success in college.

  • #5 (UT) | Startup Culture for Female Founders! | Swayy - Rajya Alturi & Clio Harralson

    12/12/2018 Duration: 18min

    Rajya Alturi and Clio Harralson have one of the more fashionable entrepreneurial stories. After experiencing decision paralysis on “what to wear” to different themed parties, they founded Swayy  – a premiere online platform that curates apparel and items for themed events, to one location. In the past year, they were accepted into the Red Bull Launch Institute program and were invited to pitch at Disrupt SF – hosted by TechCrunch.

  • #4 (UT) | HEALTHY DONUTS?! WHAT?! | Elite Sweets - Amin Bahari & Timothy Cole

    05/12/2018 Duration: 22min

    Amin Bahari and former UT linebacker Timothy Timbo Cole have one of the sweetest entrepreneurial stories. Literally. After being frustrated with the high fat and sugar sweets provide, Amin Bahari, Amir Bahari, Timothy Timbo Cole, and Caleb Bluiett founded Elite Sweets. Several months later they produced the Elite Donut which landed them the WeWork creator award and helped raise over $180,000 for their startup.

  • #3 (UT) | Mentality of a Student CEO | Kush Singh

    28/11/2018 Duration: 35min

    Kush Singh is the co-founder and CEO of Hitch - a company that’s working to transform intercity travel. In the past year he has helped Hitch raise over $200,000 in funding and is one of Austin Ino’s top 25 under 25 rising entrepreneurs.Singh reveals what it really feels like to be an entrepreneur in a world where entrepreneurship is glorified and deemed as “cool.” He discusses what running an innovative startup feels like and the mentality needed to succeed.

  • #2 (UT) | Life of a Successful Student Videographer | Blake Takushi

    21/11/2018 Duration: 22min

    Blake Takushi is currently a sophomore studying advertising at the University of Texas at Austin and considers himself a creative problem solver in regards to filmmaking.He first picked up a camera in 2016 and has already been contracted by companies by the likes of @mvmt , @bumble , @lyft , and @inkbox to name a few. To top it all off he is also the founder of his own media company BTAK films.

  • #1 (UT) | Dealing with Hate, Rapping, & Newfound Exposure | Ariea Bastami

    14/11/2018 Duration: 28min

    Ariea Bastami's rap career began when he was 11, but it didn't really take off until last Fall. After his sports-themed rap videos started going viral, he gained around 10.5k followers on Twitter and has been on an upward trajectory ever since..On Episode 1 of “Crushing It,” he goes in depth on what it’s been like for him this past year and advises many aspiring artists on how they too can be discovered like he has.